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  1. So decided to play "Online" Today and after about a good 30 minutes of play something came up on my screen and said "So and so has invaded" ? So i thought umm ooook. Nevermind that. Then 1 minutes later this guys comes up and starts attacking me. Pretty much i die. losing whatever i had. Not cool. Is there a way to make it soo when i go online people can't PVP?
  2. Anybody got any modded gear they'd be willing to give? Been bored with the same ol' and wish to try out some new stuff. GT I Maverick X I
  3. Oh yeah totally forgot there was a trading part of the forums lol. My bad people.
  4. So i did alot of stuff in this game, pretty much everything with all characters but Krieg. Just wondering i've never tried out modded weapons, any one got some cool or "OP" ones i could have? Gt : I Maverick X I This games pretty much done for me :/ Until the next Dlc comes out. Hoping for More!
  5. So i set a private match up and put it to tournament Amazon course Lvl 1, Then completed all them and at the end of lvl 5 i didn't get the achievement? So i did all 5 area's and courses (Without getting disconnected, it was a miracle) And STILL didn't get the achievement to pop? I know i collected alot of stars neither me nor my friend got it.
  6. Challenge 30. Probably the easiest challenge out of everyone's 30. Yet i'm completely hopeless on it. I can't even get the hit to connect after the first god hand. I follow the Demonstration on it, but i just can't pick him up after the first god hand it... I don't know what i'm doing wrong. I'll even stand right next to him so i don't have to microdash, but the low kick to pick him up NEVER connects. What am i doing wrong?
  7. Also looking for mining set and jungle set. GT I Maverick X I i have all pets for trade and lots of platinum coins.
  8. Also won't i be getting my ass kicked if i just skip most the enemy's when i come to a boss or something?
  9. I've been following the guide on the main page to the point, What i don't get is. 1. Seriously pass up every enemy just fight bosses, force fights and the quest's enemy's and bosses? I've been doing that, Now i'm fighting those birds in blackdale - Obsidian trail. Started at 9BR gonna stop at 25 correct. 2. Then it says to not fight anything just do the above, Quests's bosses and such, Till battle rank 40? Is that even possible get 15 BR from quest's/Bosses? 3. I seriously would LOVE some help on this one. Thank you.
  10. Pant's good guide here :http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=122206 Or this one i found on gamespot : http://www.gamespot.com/the-last-remnant/forum/sidequests-and-locations-v17-47570398/ I can't decide both are excellent, But which would you choose to tackle all sidequests achievement?
  11. Sorry about all these thread guys, Last one i promise. So i've got EVERYTHING for the Collector's book achievement except the blue rod from the teacher final side quest, Just wondering do you need to do ALL of them to have the final one show up in fully built Aurion? Cause if so that means i have to do 1 LAST play through for 1 freaking weapon? That will suck.
  12. Lol, Never mind finally found the dang thing such a stupid place they put it.
  13. I've looked for this thing for hours checked every rock and bush, Googled it EVERYTHING i can think of WTF where is it please? Please explain it as NOOB as possible.
  14. The item nerd one. What's a good guide for all side quests? It seems like i need to do them ALL to make sure i get all the Unique items. Also pretty much for this achievement just sythsize all weapons and stuff in the shop, and complete all quests? That should score you this title/Achievement?
  15. WOO! Beat him lvl 2! Baws!! Can't do any lower tho that extra hp really counts!
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