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  1. Finally got it this morning! Did not take as long as the others but still feels like a long time since hitting 200,000! On to the 400k!
  2. Looking for help with the co op score attack achievement if anyone can spare 10 minutes of their time message me on xbox TheMarkOfPower
  3. Looling for a multiplayer partner to play survival with, just got the season pass so looking to boost my rank up to 200 and get all map specific achievements. Message me on xbox live TheMarkOfPower
  4. I thought this was brilliant, until i downloaded all of them and realized all dlc game modes and maps are empty. This game has died since i completed the original 1000 on it.
  5. I need help doing master difficulty survival in under 35 minutes and without dying if anyone can help with either or both of these please message me on xbox TheMarkOfPower
  6. Need help getting the 20 rogue agent kills and extracting items at the top 3 extraction zones if anyone can help message me on xbox now TheMarkOfPower
  7. Looking for high level players to help me run through the main missions online now message me on xbox
  8. Online now if players want to join me add me to do group missions and others on xbox TheMarkOfPower
  9. I have this preordered and downloaded ready, i will be on all day tomorrow from early morning, looking to join / start a group to play with, uk time zone. Message me on live so we can get started straight away tomorrow gt is TheMarkOfPower
  10. Online now looking to do the Friend backyard battleground achievements or craaazy ops message me online now TheMarkOfPower
  11. Nice to see this is finally unlocking, add me and we will get this done TheMarkOfPower
  12. Looking to get the party and 3 players achievements add me TheMarkOfPower
  13. Anyone know when the guaranteed dlc with new achievements will be released?
  14. Need help with margwa party and civil protector achievements, its to much of a pain on solo, message me on live if you can help TheMarkOfPower
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