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    I love gaming, i do grind out achievements, I'm a fun gamer and a serious one when needed! Have FUN!
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    gaming, music, movies,racing
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    I play games all day and don't go outside

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  1. ive played around 35 hours and are mopping up collectibles time around 40 hrs for completion
  2. I thought it was easy some of them were difficult like the one where you cant get shot in the house but after a few tries I got it, just haven't done spec ops yet which might be challenging.
  3. Hello I was just wondering if anyone would be posting a roadmap or guide to 1000G
  4. Played about 8 hours of gameplay so far and close to Icon status, but jeez is the drifting messed up or what? you barely flick the stick and its like being on an iceberg! ridiculous arcade, i knew it would not be realistic but cmon man. hopefully, as you level up your car it gets easier, im using the mazda rx 7
  5. I cant find one last smash in downtown, ive looked at the picture guide but theres one in the trainyard station that seems to be by a road and its not there, any tips? It seem one of the gates in the game never spawned, it the one in downtown by the north parking garage located next to the highway toll plaza, the gate directly across from the entrance to the parking garage never showed up for me, the road blocks are up but no actual gates,,,,ugh, at 399, no achievment darn
  6. Im having a huge problem with this game. I got the ultimate edition so i could play it early and when i went to do a story race, as soon as i got to the championship and waited for the game to load, my game would reboot. it would freeze up and go back to dashboard. Its so annoying because this has happened to me for four championships and I've had to restart them all to fix this. Sucks that i bought this game early, don't even want to waste my time until they fix it. (want my money back!)
  7. RipNRiva

    Level 24

    ok so i finally beat it after problems 6 or 7 hours (level 24) It was pure luck and some skill. I places my ships on the out side of the map as others had said, and only used the air craf carrier and subs torpedoes. This helped, but sucked to wait a turn sometimes. I barely won after many attempts, i really think its a random level. Sometimes the AI only shoots on the outside of the map and then sometimes not until later in the game. after beating this level, the only other "tough" one i though was 26, after that i only lost once during levels 27-30
  8. RipNRiva

    Level 24

    I just can't seem to beat this one, no matter what i always get beat, with the enemy always doubling the amount of attack points he gets theres just no way i can beat this. Im always two turns away from winning. tried placing ships apart along the edges but it doesn't work. after loosing for 3 hours i give up not worth 200gs
  9. Im level 17 in the game and i still put off the cross country flying events, the first one i came across "Journey" I can't even bronze, my guy is too slow, do you have to unlock a certain parachute or something. Any tips would be great, like what is the stunting or RT do? Any tips would be helpful
  10. Im having trouble just "connecting" to gears of war services. I was playing this morning and later in the morning it said I didnt have Gold for my xbox account and it wouldn't let me play anything but the campaign, I'm so pissed because I bought the xbox ultimate bundle and i can't even play Online. Bunch of bull Error code: 0x801901f4 Ive tried reinstalling, deleting saves, quitting, it just doesn't work, the only way around it is to sign out and use a guest profile. Cmon Coalition get your act together!!
  11. also make sure you set the weather to roaming, I set it in the morning and didnt get the achievement smh!!!
  12. At first i didnt like it but now Im starting to get the handling down for attacking and defending. Its really cool, graphics and gameplay are amazing,rank up system kind of reminds me of destiny with the three characters and all, but customization looks way better!!! Definitely getting this game now!!
  13. Thanks for adding me to the leaderboard for 100K!!!

  14. Congratulations on becoming the 563rd member of XBA to join the 100k milestone club! You can view your amazing awesomeness on the leaderboard of cool people found [here].

  15. i had lost the email and passwords to them, and one of my friends hacked my account and deleted the profile for fun. pissed me off so much!!! I also lost one due to code of conduct, they banned me for 6 months so i made a new account lol, had 20,000 GS on that one.
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