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  1. I'm glad i bought the ps3 version no issues so far at all
  2. This Shit should be free, Especially after not working for so damn long
  3. Does anyone know if u can use these in Camp?
  4. Is the DLC worth it? Or any good?
  5. As above title are any of the DLC worth it?
  6. How do u unlock the door for the first episode with the Anchor door?
  7. Mage ring and strider and another item are they worth it
  8. Question is there a way to see i i did this or not?
  9. Does anyone have any developer mod weapons? And can u get them in game
  10. Does anyone have any developer mods? Infinite ammo guns
  11. how is he, right now I'm using my lvl 51 Xian I was thinking about maybe trying the new character but figure I ask everyone here for there opinions
  12. Which should I upgrade Shield Or Health?
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