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  1. No you shouldn't need to, as long as you download it and it installs correctly you should be able to just switch freely from Hawaii to Alaska, I believe a few missions might be locked if you are below level 5 however
  2. Well thank you for your "solution" it worked like a charm lol I feel semi-foolish for not thinking of that in the first place but with the marketplace closing I didn't want to risk losing anything without checking first, guess it just didn't download properly, Thanks again for the reply, now I can finally get it done
  3. I bought the Alaska dlc and installed it a few days before the marketplace went down, however when I go into the alaskan part of the world in flight, Alaska displays but their are no icons for airports and no missions or challenges appear for that dlc. Has anyone else run into this issue, or is there a certain way I'm suppossed to go about unlocking it? Thanks for ya'll's time
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