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  1. Thanks for your answer about the chinese xbox one. I cannot read chinese, do I just assumed it. There were 2 chinese options in language (I assume one os traditional and the other simplified). One has only one option as country and the other has two.


    Do you know if I will be able to access the chinese Marketplace outside China if I use a chinese console?


    Another question: Which are the payment options? Will pre paid cards be available to buy? chinese xbox one.

  2. Just as a heads up...the level achievements is a bit buggy... The level 10 achievement popped for me ingame at level 6, but never popped on Xbox live. Not after reaching level 10 either
  3. This game was delisted from the store a while back...thats why you cant download it
  4. i would like to boost the online ones aswell... GT: TheMaize
  5. oh well..atleast its not unobtainable...even though i dont like to replay it a third time. i really hoped they would have fixed achievements on the Xbox one..but with 2 LAUNCH titles having unobtainables and still not haven been patched (zumba fitness and angry birds) and with all the glitchy achievements in killer instinct, peggle 2, and now this. My hopes are not very high anymore.
  6. it didnt...i guess the glitch "corrupts" the savefile, so only thing to do is either wait for a patch, or to delete the savegame, cross your fingers, and start over from scratch
  7. that one is actually random, so will be different for each playthrough.. what you have to do is find a statue in each room, which then have a moon, a star or a sun on its shield....choose the door with that symbol
  8. i am currently running through the game Again on newgame+. that didnt help for most people, but compared to them, i now deleted uplay. So lets see if thats what maked the issues
  9. you dont need to see everything in this game either for the achievements. it just seems that half of the people rushed through the game, and half of the people explored everything and took their time. So i just suggest a time somewhere in the middle. I always find the times in roadmaps confusing, as bad games (like CSI etc)are usualy listed low since people rush through them using guides, while good games are listed with long times, as people spend more time on those games. So there is not really any consistency. in the guides section, i think i wrote that the roadmap times should be the average time a normal gamer could go through the games for achivements only, following a guide. and for the record, i definately didnt rush through the game. i did enough exploration to find all the confesions without the use of guides, and was averaged at level 45 when i finished the game. But yes, i might have been Lucky with my choice of builds, and gone through the battles a lot faster than average Joe. But when that is said. I think thepantsparty did a great job on this guide, just as he always does. And since its his guide, its his decision. Im just giving my input.
  10. i used gen and oengus... gen for slowing them Down, and speeding me up....and oengus equipped with a Oculi for added light damage, to hit for 240-480 on his standard attack, or up to 800 crit damage on a quake (all).. and yes...take the small birds out first. doing like above should kill the first bird in between 2-3 turns, and after that the fight is easy...Whole match took around 15 turns for me. The Whole game i focussed on either Oengus, or Aurora until i got him (if mobs were magic resistant) or finn (if they were physicalresistant, or elemental) and then a supportcharacter to keep enemies slowed, or the damagedealer shielded from interruption. oengus i mainly specced with a oculi for added light damage, and used the "quake (all)" which in most minor battles killed everything on first or second hit. And Finn i used to counter elemental enemies. i specced him in all 3 directions
  11. i did read all the dialogue, and i did quite a lot of exploration. But i didnt battle everything, and i didnt lose more than 1 or 2 battles either. there is only 9 chapters, and the last 3 chapters is kinda short. and also, i was under the impression that the roadmaps had to reflect the time you could rush through the game in with guides. Not the time to fully explore everything and do all sidequests... If that was the case, games like skyrim and fallout 3 should have a 1000+ hours on the road map.
  12. i feel that the time in the roadmap is a bit too high (unless you Count in multiple playthroughs for glitched achievements. i finished the game in 6 hours and 45 minutes...without skipping dialogue. And while doing all achievements, and picking up around 70% of all coffers and stardust. And without using guides i know that some people will propablys ay that you need to spend longer to fully enjoy the game or whatever. But the time in the roadmaps, should be average completion time with use of guides.... so i suggest 6-8 hours
  13. I just spent all the stardust on Aurora aswell... But for speccing....try to have a character specialized in each element. Either directly via skills (Finn f.ex) or via the diamonds. And then secondarily try to balance your support characters. I got a healer\shield guy, one specced in slowing enemies, and one specced in speeding my own characters. By doing that, and taking good advantage of playerswapping in battles, the game is a cakewalk.
  14. This is not true. Some enemies have resistance to all magical attacks, including light magic.
  15. Achievements have been popping for people on TA nonstop in the last couple of hours, so its random issues, for random people...not Xbox live problems.
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