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  1. I enjoyed the storyline of the new DLC, but thats pretty much it. Its honestly pretty glitchy and messed up. i just finished the dlc and didnt get one achievement, which i made sure to do every one of them except for the sundial one. i also noticed that the enemies act really stupid this time around. many times ive watched my enemies run either back and forth or just completely away from you which makes it insanely annoying to have to chase them to kill them. I dont know, personally it was a let down for me. too buggy
  2. The green screen of death on XB1 really isnt that rare anymore. people nowadays are getting it alot. its really becoming a problem with the new xbox.
  3. The collectibles can be a little annoying, but the story is great and the achievements are very nice and easy. I recommend renting this game or borrowing it from a friend, as it can get boring after you beat it.
  4. Its honestly like one of those games you borrow from a friend for a couple days just to beat it.
  5. is this game worth buying? Like, im a huge DBZ fan, but i was a little skeptical about this one because i don't really know much about it. i do like the character creation is has though, it looks better then UT
  6. i have been using Thor the most, usually with Daredevil as his partner. best team ever.
  7. oh shit what if they reset your GS because they assume youre hacking or modding? Jk i doubt that would happen... you never know though.
  8. i would only want 4 of them: Mass Effect Trilogy Bioshock Trilogy Tron Evolution Batman Arkham games
  9. This DLC really is hard. the AI have gotten stronger, and there seems to be like 30 enemies in every level at a time, like you barely have any breathing room.
  10. The Mass Effect games are all long, but have very good achievement lists. they are all worth playing, because they're really good games with good achievements.
  11. Fallout 3 was so much better then new vegas.
  12. I liked the Masst Effect games, as they were incredibly fun. the storyline is very good, great gameplay, tons of stuff to keep you busy. Try the Bioshock games. they're a little different then normal games, but theyre insanely fun too. any AC game except for AC3 is good.
  13. complete the story, then go right into Cold, Cold Heart. the initation DLC is challange maps, nothing special.
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