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  1. I can't get the option to seem to come up. May it have something to do with the fact that I bought the original 5D's and not the Duels Plus update that came out more recently? Edit: I do have the title update downloaded + installed and I am connected to live. Edit 2: Moved my save file to my secondary device, and started a new game. Had the import option pop up. Super unimpressed that I have to restart, but suppose it's my own fault for using USB keys for some games.
  2. Mine had the exact some problem. Weird. Does the same thing happen with the achievement for playing 10 local multiplayer games?
  3. Just noticed that it's free again! Anyone still wanting it should pick it up!
  4. Looking to boost. GT: Tressilation The sooner the better as my schedule starts to close up a lot more a week from now.
  5. I mean I lost here and there, occasionally at most, but it was not difficult at all. The only frustration, as a bunch of other users already pointed out, was waiting for the Rock to try his finisher. He just kept throwing punches and strong grapples. After about 15 minutes he finally went for his finisher, I reversed it, and he went for it again two more times as I was finishing up doing my Stunners (had been using my chain stuff to heal instead of hit my finishers). But oh well, small annoyance
  6. That's some awesome stats mate. I always love when things land right on the dot, so definitely hoping when I hobble my way all the way up there that I land on 100,000 exactly, though I won't plan it, and will probably end up on 99,999 anyway (Odd achievement points game are fun, I think I have a xx x97 score right now or something). Out of curiosity, you plan the 100k or did it just happen to land there
  7. Just sent a request! Thanks for doing this
  8. So I got the game on release, and have been logging in every 12 hours or so to see if I can collect my bonus pucks. It was working fine up until yesterday where my daily streak reset and now I have logged in about 12.5 hours ago and now and have not even unlocked the first piece of the daily streak. Is there something you have to do to unlock the streak? Spend a certain amount of time with the game on? Play a certain amount of games on the ice? Or something to that effect? Additionally, when does the game consider the day having 'ended' and thus is beginning because when I was still getting my daily reward it was unlocking around 11 PM EST. Thank you.
  9. Spent some time trying to find a match (still can't, any help is appreciated on that front since no one seems to be playing this online whenever I check?) but I did run up this list as well and hopefully helped some peeps out If anyone needs anything specific, just shoot me a PM on this website and I can make sure I can download your stuff as well.
  10. I'm looking to knock them out as well. Anyone else still looking?
  11. Sadly getting the same string of errors. I had no problem with my Mafia II extra content or Fallout New Vegas Discs, and I'm on the third disc I've picked up which makes me question why my system really doesn't want me to play my Borderlands DLC
  12. I honestly just examined the thing with a magnify glass and it's clean. It's pretty much perfect lol.
  13. I've been scouring the internet and can't seem to find a solution to the following problem, and thus thank anyone able to assist! I purchased Borderlands Game of the Year Edition with the two discs new yesterday. I played the main game a bit, and then went to install the DLC from disc 2. It, a brand new disc, but nonetheless ranged from having the three following errors: - Play DVD - This is not DVD and has no content when sent to the XBOX video player. - Disc Unreadable; Please clean and retry disc. - Play Game - Error content unrecognizable, disc may be damaged. The disc never had a scratch or anything on it and I attempted to see if it was an issue with my Xbox by testing it on a couple others and alas nothing seemed to work. I haven't had this problem with any disc, and the fact it was being an issue on multiple systems led me to believe that the disc -- in perfect condition -- was flawed. I subsequently returned the game today and exchanged it for another new copy with the same results. The only thing I could possibly think is that all systems I tried it on are similar in the sense that they are Xbox 360 Halo Reach Slims with upgraded 320 GB Hard drives (the official microsoft one). Any and all direction is appreciated as I do not understand what route I need to take to get access to the DLC I paid for. My system is fine, every other disc works fine, I have a proper system with no modifications and with an Microsoft Xbox Harddrive with tons of space that there shouldn't be an issue. Again any and all help is appreciated. Thank you.
  14. Any and all help with the following problem is welcome! I'm having a weird problem that whenever I load up the game, it tells me that my DLC is damaged and needs to be re-downloaded. I exit the game, delete it and re-download it, but upon reloading the game I have the same error. Thanks in advance!
  15. Da Vinci is on sale, again. Oh well, maybe next week's deal will be good
  16. Somewhat old question, but never answered so thought I'd shed some light on the answer for anyone wondering the same thing as well. Essentially the yellow means that this is your active profile title and that it has indeed been unlocked. When you enter an online game your selected title will appear with your other profile information. You can change to any title by highlighting it and pressing the "a" button.
  17. I just looked around for this as well, but couldn't find anything on my Canadian account. Shame
  18. That would be absolutely amazing. Midtown Madness was a great game, it and the original Driver, were definitely some of my favourite car based games growing up. I miss playing it so much
  19. Looking through this splendid guide, and I just have one lingering question -- other than connecting to unlock the cloud level, are there any online required achievements or is it just that a lot of things are easily in co-op online?
  20. Might not be for Canadians, can anyone confirm this?
  21. Interestingly enough, my apps don't have a Games tab ... Edit: And those who want some information on it: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/live/sales-and-specials-app
  22. Seems like a neat little app, but it hasn't appeared on my dashboard nor is it in my apps section as of yet? Does this one exclude Canada? Edit: I can search for it in Bing, and find it. But no download button
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