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  1. I had tried to post this in the achievement discussion under the "Tape it or DIE!" comment chain, before realising there is a character limit that would cut off everything I was saying, so I'm making a thread for it, since using Wingman to PP grind was actually pretty handy to boost up to level 50. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- For starters, you'll want at least eight inventory slots, because you'll need room for five "held while leveling" items that you can't drop. This will let you hold onto, and then release, three Wingmen at once, gaining upwards of 600PP per zombie stung/killed! You MUST do this "trick" on Day 2 onward, after Chuck kills the first Queen Bee during a cutscene. You can't hunt Queens prior to this, so don't waste your time! They are: 1) Shotgun (easiest to find for me is in Royal Flush Hotel, held by a Cop Zombie on the way to the Security Office). You'll need this to keep the Wingmen from leaving you while you run about. Don't ask me why, because I don't know... but if you have the answer, feel free to post it. It just worked for me, and was what I was told to do. 2) Combat 1 (Magazine found at Stan's Large Print Books & Magazines; second floor Palisades Mall). 10% PP boast! 3) Combat 2 (Magazine found at Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow in the Royal Flush Plaza). 10% PP boast! 4) Horror 1 (Magazine found at Ragazines; Second floor of the Royal Flush Plaza). 10% PP boast to killing zombies... and you'll be doing a LOT of that! 5) Horror 2 (Magazine found at Stan's Large Print Books & Magazines; second floor Palisades Mall). 10% PP boast to killing zombies! Once you have your four Magazines and a Shotgun, head on over to "Pub O' Gold" on the Silver Strip. You'll find THREE Orange Juice, which allow you to easily make Nectar. There is also a nearby Maintenance Room not too far away. You're going to be running back and forth a LOT from Pub O' Gold and the Maintenance Room, because you've only got three slots to work with right now. Create a Nectar with the Blender. And then hunt for a Zombie with a Queen (they're spotted easily, look for zombies grabbing at the red glow on their neck). Collect the Queen, and run to the Maintenance Room and combine the Queen with Nectar on the Workbench for your first Wingman. Exit the Silver Strip (enter any area that forces an area reload), and then return to Pub O' Gold for more OJ, create the Nectar, and hunt another Queen down. Combine it with your Nectar for a second Wingman. Exit the Silver Strip last time (enter any area that forces an area reload). Depending on your number of inventory slots (in this case, no less than EIGHT), you only have one slot (Hand) left, so you're going to have to do a bit more work to make your third Wingman. Return to Pub O' Gold for more OJ, create the Nectar (you CAN safely "Drop" the Wingman, Magazines or Shotgun with the "DOWN" D-Pad key temporarily, just remember to retrieve them!) if you hate having to Item Juggle. Bring the last Nectar to the Maintenance Room, and place it on the Workbench and hunt another Queen down. As long as you DON'T leave the area, it should remain on the Workbench so you can "hold" it, without losing it. Find another Queen, and combine it with your "held" Nectar for your third Wingman. Now that you have your three Wingmen, find any area with a decent sized group of Zombies. They're literally EVERYWHERE. Release all three Wingmen with the "X" button (DO NOT THROW THEM AT ZOMBIES!), and then have the Shotgun active in your hand. Wander slowly towards the zombies, and watch the little buggers get stung (600PP each with your 40% PP increase from the Magazines). Just keep roaming in small circles, and let the Wingmen do the work. You can tell you still have your Wingmen by the buzzing and stinging sounds they make, as well as the light trails of red following behind you (they naturally gather behind you, and can when Chuck is stationary appear to be INSIDE you, depending on camera angle). If you move, you can see them easily behind you, and they'll zip towards zombies in your area. They can be rather slow at selecting their targets, but they'll follow Chuck like a mother duck, and just keep stinging and exploding zombies as long as you are near them. If a zombie is on the ground, or doing an attack animation, your Wingman will unfortunately ignore them until they can retarget them, so be careful. You can EASILY level up a dozen or more levels in one sweep of Silver Strip to Fortune Park just sauntering towards groups of zombies and letting your Wingmen do the killing. I went from level 35 up to 50 with a group of FOUR Wingmen (I was using Dynameat and my PP boasting Magazines until I created my first Wingman) from around noon on Day 2, until just before nightfall. So it's pretty fast leveling, and doesn't really require any effort to rack up the PP from kills. Hope this helps. And if anyone can confirm why I was told I needed a Shotgun to keep the Wingmen from abandoning me as I changed areas, that would be nice... since it takes up an inventory spot that could be used for another Wingman early in the leveling process.
  2. Definitely seems to be an unlisted dungeon, since it's not on my original post. I was running out of room on the master post (from having to list all the chest contents), or I'd add it. It's been a couple of years since I last played Minecraft, but I'm glad this thread is still helping people out!
  3. Well, I won't be holding my breath, hoping for the update to go smoothly. I've got two backup copies of my worlds (on separate flash drives), just in case I take leave of my sanity, and decide to update my game on either one of my Xbox 360s.
  4. That's exactly how I've felt about it. And it's why I've been warning people about the update, well in advance, and trying to make certain people realize: "If this update goes the way those of us who have played the PC version expect it to go, it WILL be a severely buggy update, and it will wreck most people's pre-TU12 worlds.". However, outside of this thread, most people seem to just "glance over it" (mostly at Gamefaqs). I'm just trying to get the word out, so I can save a lot of people the heartbreak of losing their one year old worlds. It's never fun to lose a world you've placed a lot of time into... especially when it doesn't HAVE to happen. I only had one mod back in 1.2.5, and that's Single Player Commands. I still have that jar file, buried on a backup drive. The thing is, I wonder if they (4J) are being ~forced~ to update the game in a specific pattern, including releasing buggy versions, by Mojang. Not because of some malicious and evil plan... but because of some licensing agreement, or something. Like, they were given a schedule for updates, told EXACTLY what they're expected to update with, and that's the path they have to take. I mean... 4J Studios can't be stupid enough to ignore the old bug reports, and version history, for a game they're making money on, hand over fist. SOMEONE has to be aware of how big a catastrophic failure 1.2.3 was on PC. ...right? O_o I'd always wondered about that. It's just one of those weird "bot like" posts, I am used to seeing.
  5. No... believe me... I have very little hope that TU12 won't be a massive fiasco, and won't result in a lot of people having their old game saves (of pre-TU12 worlds) completely corrupt on them, and those who decide to try the new worlds, won't be completely and totally disgusted with the massive lag introduced into the game because of Jungles. 4J Studios has the roadmap for how to update this game. They ~obviously~ have access to the same resources we all do (including the Minecraft Version History on the wiki)... yet they've already released two TUs that had massive amounts of bugs, when they could have simply waited until they had the clearance to include the bug fix update along with it. I'm hoping this won't be their third strike. I'm not going to be updating my main copy of the game (for the same reasons I didn't, in the past), because I don't have much faith in 4J not to just release the update, let it screw things up for a great number of people, and then quickly rush out TU13 and TU14 to address the bugs that could be taken care of ~now~.
  6. Honestly, I hope the reason 4J hasn't been talking up the TU12 update, in their Twitter, is because they're working hard on trying to include the bug fixes required to stop the 1.2.x glitches from completely $%ing up EVERYTHING, when they do their port. I'd rather they take an extra month or two to make sure the "Corrupted saves for EVERYONE!" bug doesn't even get a chance to become an issue on the Xbox 360 version. Of course... if they don't take those extra steps, and release a horrifically buggy update, at least they'll have TU13 available to help with the crippling lag, and game save glitches.
  7. Just sharing this news here, but the "Ultimate Sale" has started, and PDZ is now only $2.99 (240MSP) for American Xbox live accounts (Gold or Silver). Just confirmed this by purchasing it on my US Silver account. Hopefully the multiplayer picks up because of this sale!
  8. I figured they were using Dev Kits (I didn't really know they are known as XDKs for short though)... but if they are virtually identical units... then they have no real excuse for the bugs. Though... you mentioned something that brought up a "Wait!!!!" moment here... because I am on a Silver account, I never play in "Online Mode" (obviously, because I can't)... and I almost never see the bugs most people are complaining about. But, while I was on a Gold (in the past, and the latest Free Gold Weekend), I did notice a great deal more bugs... especially lag-related issues. I wonder, if because they aren't on LIVE, if they aren't able to see those Online related bugs? Either way... there should be better bug testing going on... but I guess we should just be happy they are willing to do bug fixes so quickly. They could just go: "Free update, what'd you expect? We'll fix it next month. Until then buy more Skin Packs!".
  9. I've said this before, and it's mostly conjecture on my part... but they might not be playing on standard Xbox 360 consoles... and instead are using DevKit systems. So they might not be seeing the bugs we see, because it's technically different hardware. But that's just an assumption on my part, and might not even be the real reason they don't see these bugs. It could also be due to Predators. ¬_¬
  10. That makes sense... though, you'd think someone at ~4J~ would take a moment to play the game, post-patching, to see if everything is alright.
  11. Inb4 "Secret Friday updates are real!!!!". I have no clue what, if anything, Microsoft tests during Certification... some of the bugs that have remained in Minecraft were so serious, that within two minutes of loading the game, they should be obvious to anyone playing the game. Maybe they spend that time playing Madden or something, instead.
  12. The only thing that could have made the last three posts better, would have been having Professor Farnsworth preceding it with "Good news, everyone!". Heck, because I'm in a great mood today, I'll throw the YouTube clip of it here, and we can just read the thread in reverse! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhbDPx5Upxw]Comment Helper: "Good News, Everyone!" (Prof. Farnsworth) - YouTube[/ame] ...and for the heck of it, twenty-six seconds of good news: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1D1cap6yETA]Good News Everyone! - YouTube[/ame]
  13. I... suppose that's true. I no longer juggle multiple worlds (I used to have my main world, a sandbox world, a TNT lab, and each new Tutorial Map world), just the one... mostly because I ~don't~ believe in "going back and looking at previous versions of my world", I just make sure I have a save on my flash drive (weekly saves, unless I do a MAJOR change, in which case, I backup immediately after finishing) as backup. I also use a second flash drive (monthly backups). I don't trust the "Cloud", so it's all physical backups for me.
  14. For me, it was having to yank out my Ethernet cable to play Minecraft on the 360. ~THAT~ was the "worse" bug. It annoyed me to no end, because I found myself wanting to test out various "new features", to see if they worked in TU9, as they did around 1.1.x on the PC (was happy when TU10 ~fixed~ "Toggled Nether Portals", since that feature is now broken on the PC, as of 1.5.x), but was discouraged, when I would have to keep unplugging the ethernet cable to play the game (one might ask: "Why didn't you just leave it unplugged?", the answer being that I have a friend I still talk to in Private Chat, over LIVE, so I'd have to plug back in to talk... which also meant I couldn't be talking to my friend, while Minecrafting... so annoying!). One can hope, but I'm cynical and jaded... I've been burned too many times to truly believe that game companies care one spit about the consumer... which is why I take all "good news" with a grain of redstone, where Mojang and 4J Studios are concerned. But at least when I'm proven wrong, it's better than when I'm right.
  15. I'd heard of renaming saves ~still~ wrecking/corrupting/merging worlds, which is why I don't do it. It's not worth it to me, renaming one world, if I'm at risk of losing two or more worlds in the process. I thought they were supposed to have ~fixed~ this bug already... but I guess not.
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