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  1. fable 2 is one of my favorite games but it is fairly easy it has some of the funniest achievments of all time if you are new to adventure games then this is a perfect start you do not have to beat fable 1 to play this but i would play it before fable 3 you can do several quests (about 75) search for the 50 gargoyels and silver keys, buy houses, do jobs, kill monsters, break laws, complete story mode, train abilitys, explore and several other things there are three main abilities strenght, skil and will strentgh if using swords and hammers, skill is using your pistol and will is using one of the 8 magic spells you can purchase fable to is my second favorite adventure game just ahead of fable 3 and just behind risen except risen is a lot harder this game does have an easy setup though you can teleport to places you have already gone before which saves a ton of time and you can gain renown (how famous you are) by completing quest in and out of story mode doing the trophy expression or playing games like the shooting game in the bandit camp outside the crucible i would request this game to any1 who likes adventure games i will be making posts about risen and fable 3 very soon which are always the games name then opinion for example fable 2 opinion if you want to find the best games keep checking out my posts
  2. for the guy who made the 1st comment ur way wrong just because risen isnt easy like fable 2 or oblivion makes it a better game i love fable 2 but oblivion is only fighting SOOO BORING
  3. i will also be putting my opinion on some other adventure games so you can see which is best i will be posting on lost oddeysey, fable 2, and fable 3 very soon this is where i will always say what im posting on next so if ur interested keep checking
  4. risen has been talked down by many people because you do have to play the game a few times for all the achievments and there is no map but it is pretty cool because it is an old fashioned game like kinsquest for PC but it takes a high amount of brains and sense of direction but also must be skilled at fighting you can choose many paths joining the monastry as a criminal (no achievments) joining the don and being a bamdit (about 6 achievments) or joining the order (about 6 achievmetns) In the start of the game there there are seven quests you can do for the don or the order it isnt to hard but the game gets harder as it goes on im sure you'll all love risen
  5. you can start that one u dont need to play any other game befor
  6. i am debating buying this game is it any good
  7. Hi people good to see you checkin out my page add me my gamertag is connor bulgrin

  8. How do you trade achievments because i would like to trade for the limit hold em chapionship achievments please tell me how
  9. a lot of people have other mroe popular ways to fight the best moves though are: the jumping attach press y then in the air press b and rolling alot also use a really good move by using B then A then B in a combo:Bounce:
  10. where can i attend a town event
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