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  1. I was in the same boat. For some reason enemies completely stopped respawning when I arrived at the Junkdecimator boss. Not that grinding enemies would be very time efficient with the only reliable healing being the bed in your house. Additionally I neglected leveling health for damage and SP, so all my characters had 10 health, with the machine gun fire attack dealing 9 damage with a perfect input. Somehow I still survived, thanks to a cookie consumable (which is also bugged I think, it shouldn't restore the SP of all my units but does apparently.), the Cat keeping my health up a little bit, and much luck with dodging the rockets (I feel like they don't hit the same spot twice in a row, if you're fast enough you can almost ignore most of them). I really want to like the game, but it's so grossly unbalanced in favor of the enemies (why don't they ever miss their inputs?!) and the discrepance in damage while hitting the stupid cursor a little bit outside the ring while shooting the hockey puck. Edit: I might actually hate this game. Just found out my whole team shares the SP pool, that's why the cookie completely filled it for the whole team... Feeling completely underleveled the whole time, the damage I can do is in no relation to enemy health. I spend about 10 minutes attacking with standard attacks because I ran out of SP. The battle system really feels like the developers loved mini games and tried to cram as many as possible into the different attacks, and you have to remember which skill uses which, or else the timing is already screwed up and you're doing only a fraction of the damage you should be doing. Also, how hard would it be for the game to explain what the status effects do? I wasted so many turns in the beginning when I was stunned or afraid or something, I couldn't find a description.
  2. GT: NullKueste921 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2
  3. I also got it done on Win 10 with the Rivatuner locking my FPS to 30 and this script:
  4. I'm looking for people for the Come Back, Kenny! Achievement. GT is NullKueste921
  5. I need this as my last achievement, anyone willing to do the 4 people method? Message or add me. GT NullKueste921
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