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  1. The Xbox 360 Smartglass App is still available in the Windows 10 Store but I cant get it to connect while I can get the Xbox One Smartglass App connect (which doesnt help for this achievement).
  2. The Steam Version can be linked with the Android version.
  3. I did finish it yesterday on Normal and got confused too. I first thought I was going too fast moving forward. Then after some deaths I pressed some other buttons and it worked. Still not sure what I was supposed to do. Maybe dodge? I can't remember the standard Halo 4 version anymore when I finished the Game. Also afterwards sadly the 2 Halo 4 Achievements didn't unlock for me for finishing the Game on Easy and Normal
  4. I was only disappointed with the Demo at first about the graphics. It felt old for me, especially the landscape but maybe because I played Forza Horizon 2 too much and there the landscapes are awesome but in Forza 6 they mainly focus on other things than the landscapes I guess. With the Full Version and after some playing I'm now ok with it And that the Top Gear voices are gone now (one is a UK voice, not sure if he's from the former Top Gear Team or not). Also at the start of a race it should already show the Speedometer like it did in past Games for a better Start. I would wish additional snowing effects for the next one or a snow Add-On
  5. But what I'm confused with is that since 1 - 2 weeks Gears of War 1 shows that it's available for Preview Members on the official Website but for me it doesn't show at all (or maybe has to do with Germany as the Game is banned there or because I never bought GoW 1 and maybe needs the Disc): http://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/backward-compatibility
  6. Just see on another Forum they have issues with that one too and suggest to use Star Bright instead.
  7. Hi, has anyone else an issue with the Wednesday Challenge? I played it 3x and on the third time I made sure that no airplane goes into my Tower and all were shot down but at the end it always shows me "Mission failed". Is this a glitch/bug? I chose He-Man as a Hero. Just before when I started the Game it changed my Hero and I couldn't use one of the Packs then some minutes later after logout and Login they were back again.
  8. Original but you have Options to choose a Filter on some Games (e.g. not with Conker, Jetpac Fuel has a Filter to look like an old CRT Monitor) and you can change to remove the sideframes. If the sideframes be removed then the Game Screen is bigger but still not Full Screen / 16:9 of course. And you can Save anytime like they have on those Emulators for SNES, etc. but also includes an Auto-Save. Some Games also include a Cheat Codes Menu
  9. It's offline only and with AI's.
  10. All Games in the Collection that have 360 Backwards Compatibility like Viva Pinata TIP download that version only. When your in the Rare Replay Menu it will start the 360 Backwards Compatibility Version that got downloaded with Rare Replay. One difference between using the Rare Replay Menu and starting the Game directly from your Games Menu is that at the first time you start a (Backwards Compatibility) Game from the Rare Replay Menu it will pop an Achievement for first time playing
  11. Even the first Achievement when restoring the first map stone didn't pop up for me. A friend of mine has this.
  12. Anyone figured out the new Spark Treasure Trove Board yet that resets in 4 days which plays like Memory? Found Matches: 3 Golden Tickets (4th Row, Card 2) and (5th Row, Card 2) 20 Credits (1st Row, Card 2) and (4th Row, Card 3) 50 Credits (1st Row, Card 4) and (3rd Row, Card 1) 100 Credits (1st Row, Card 3) and (4th Row, Card 3) 250 Credits: (4th Row, 5th Card) and (3rd Row, 5th Card) 2X XP 7 Day Premium: (5th Row, Card 1) and (2nd Row, Card 5) 10 Tokens: (1st Row, Card 1) and (1st Row, Card 5) 25 Tokens (2nd Row, Card 1) and (4th Row, Card 4) Not yet found / only Single Cards: 5 Tokens (4th Row, Card 4) 150 Credits (2nd Row, Card 2) Explanation if not clear about what I mean by Row: Row 1 = Top Row with Card 1 on the top left to Card 5 on the Top right Row 5 = Bottom Row with Card 1 on the bottom left and Card 5 on the bottom right
  13. Is this method still working if the Game was not updated to get the Achievements? Could this lead into a ban if it still works when receiving those Achievements a long time after it got shutdown?
  14. I liked part 1 but got stuck somewhere and stopped playing because I didn't have an older Save. Part 2 I played a little but didn't like so much. On the new Part I was sure I will skip it because I hated the DLC stuff on the first 2 and the first Trailers didn't get me excited at all but now I saw the Reviews with the great graphics (on PC) and play the 6h Trial via EA Access currently and now I start to like it after 1h. I will still hate it when new DLC will come out so there are 2 options for me, play the 6h Trial and stop and play other great Games until it is certain about the DLC fate in the future and maybe there will be even a cheap GOTY or I will buy the Deluxe Edition for cheap on PC with great graphics which is basically around 38 EUR but on the other hand the Deluxe Edition exclusive stuff is really crappy... but still I now want the Game mainly because of the Graphics hype on the Reviews for PC... but I don't want it so much that I could wait it out I guess... on the other hand I'm also disappointed as I was almost sure that the EA Access will promote this Game for free but now they introduce 6h Trials for EA Access Members this was one of the main reasons I gave EA Access a try... hmmm... On the other hand I'm now confused with the PC Graphics, the PC Reviews showed how awesome it looks but the comparison doesn't show so much difference for me except that it's "darker" hmmm... http://kotaku.com/dragon-age-inquisition-on-pc-vs-ps4-vs-xbox-one-1659218132?utm_campaign=Socialflow_Kotaku_Facebook&utm_source=Kotaku_Facebook&utm_medium=Socialflow
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