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  1. I can do it just about anytime in the near future. I'll send you a Friend Request.
  2. kickblocker, You can't just delete my name outta there and replace it... lol.
  3. still need help and never got a message. So heres the deal gonna start a list for tonight 12/14/12 at 10 pm EST. Repost just the numerical list with your gamertag and I will start sending messages a little after 9:30 pm EST to get us all togther. If you have more than one controller add your name to the list to match the number of controllers you have. MIC IS A MUST!!! If you join without a MIC and do not respond when I ask you to you will be removed from the party. The only way we can do this quickly is with people communicating for cordination. You have been warned. The DLC playlist has a max party size of twelve. 1. N0useFRaname 2. SkullRobot 3. SkullRobot (1) 4. SixS3v3nTwo 5. Anti Rice (x4 if we dont get enough bodies) 6. C4RN4GE 7. C4RN4GE (1) 8. KINGWHITELOTUS 9. BigRed8013 10. starscup 11. starscup (1) 12. evilclownbobo
  4. I'll join. I have a mic and can use as many controllers as needed.
  5. Do you still have the game, by chance? I'd like to try and boost for the Online Plinko achievement, if you can. EDIT: Nevermind. I traded it in today.
  6. Hey, redlight racer, I sent you a friend request if you would like to help me w/ my 2 online achievements I need, I can help you get most or all of them. Just send me a message on there or here when you want to.
  7. Any of you guys wanna help me get the 2 XBL achievements I need?
  8. For the "King of the Rings" achievement, you can also get that at the same time that you get the "Statue Savior" achievement. All you have to do is get all 30-40 rings that the statue drops each time, exit the room, re-enter and touch the statue again and more rings come out. Repeat 'til you're at 200+ Rings.
  9. I sent you a friend request, chazzy. As I said in my previous post, I also need 2 online achievements from this game. I'd prefer to do it tonight, if possible. If not, that's cool, too.
  10. Anyone wanna help w/ the "The Athlete" and "Drop It Like It's Hot" achievements? Those are the only 2 XBL achievements for this game that I have left to get.
  11. Yeah, very true. Also surprising is the fact that they are well-balanced, too. By that, I mean, they encourage play in every single mode of the game.
  12. I wasn't there to boost. I even told "SIC_MAGGOT" that I wanted to earn them legit. And, you all were the only ones online besides myself, so I kept playing. I was playing to win because I actually enjoy this show and the game and have a life that doesn't allow me to play a game nonstop for an entire day, especially just to "boost" for achievements. Thanks for just assuming that I left because I got just 1 of the 5 other online Achievements that I need. I left because I had something come up that just so happened to occur right after I got the achievement.
  13. Awesome, we got someone. But we still would love new players!
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