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  1. What site are you on? lol it's the xbox one
  2. The sting in the tale is not unlocking for me, and it seems for a bunch of people as well. I resisted all 5 locations including the real world, no luck.
  3. Good guide, got this during the Xmas sale... doesn’t hurt for $3
  4. Thanks Thanks, also do you think the guide should add YES to glitched achievements? I have seen people with no issues at all but some people are having issues, I see on the witcher forum, and Reddit too.
  5. Okay I can confirm some of the achievements are definitely glitchy. Because I developed a mutation twice, no unlock and then the 3rd mutation it unlocked. For the wine wars and lake sword, still not unlocked and yet when I kill a frozen enemy with the crossbow it unlocks. Hopefully there is a fix.
  6. I believe you have to beat the storyline to get that quest for the painting pose Will deleting the DLC affect the save files??
  7. I have this problem as well. A user on reddit said he loaded an older save and did it again, and it unlocked. Unfortunately my older save is very old. The ones for the Wine Wars, and developing a mutation did not unlock for me. weird thing is that killing a enemy while frozen unlocked for me.... So I don't know.
  8. Nope. I also just completed the five virtues, no achievement.
  9. The grapes of wrath achievement didn't unlock... I did everything and got the wine named after me, how come..
  10. Yeah achievements aren't unlocking for me... watching replay, and playing exhibition mode... didn't work.
  11. I wonder if the storyline achievements are linear or split into different ones?
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