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  1. After 3 years I still don't have my platinum trophy for this game, but I started playin it again 2 days ago. So I decided to check whats going on here... AND if you guys are still interested - Please replace the old xbox times with todays times if anyone does: I'll update ps3 times and update opening post as well
  2. Finally I got pitch perfect after just a few tries today. First time i picked it up in a long time. Its really all about syncing audio to video. still the game is full of bugs, but it is possible! just need 10x 90% on expert do get this game done -.-"
  3. nice job - PS3 time at 2'11"696 If you guys are still interested in this title. I'ld go through PS3 times again since they have changed a LOT! i.e. advanced 1-4 is what you whant to go for! 15.2s on PS3 advanced 2-3 could be quite possible too - 19.2s good luck guys If you are 2 or more ppl trying, team up (sounds weired, but that's how i did it on PS3) 5 out of 5 of us got the world record one after another. you can talk to ppl playing the same level, chat about tactics and techniques etc. if you need PS3 times or so contact me on the dark side - http://forum.trophies-ps3.de/members/7030/loalexandria.html - http://www.ps3trophies.org/forum/members/loalexandria.html (either will work, but first is, what i check regularly)
  4. My highest % More Than Words: 98% (35streak, 37perfect) All Time Low: 98% Never Ever: 99% That's what I just remember, got a few more -1 runs though. Still there must be this one song to be able to nail I haven't fount yet, lol. Won't give up on it. Edit: sadly the description is NOT misleading. Just got 100% on backing vocals, nothing popped - to bad.
  5. Actually it isnt as impossible as u stated it to be at first you just have to get the hang of it during the first 25 songs, then it starts to get difficult and you have to "just do" and dont think. The last track is really amusing and frustrating. learn step by step and always get into the song a bit deeper each run, thats how i managed it. but what i would like to know: what's #1 score on XBL overall leaderboard? I'm on PS3 and there's basicaklly no competition :/
  6. Ok, i just went to see how every1 in here was going half a year after i got my nom with your help Just updated PS3 times (over 90% got beaten by now) - some have massive changes such as advanced 4-4 which got beaten by over 9 seconds! so after 4-2 isnt that easy anymore - other level have come up to be "easy" - at least if you know how it works ;P congratz every1 till here for getting the nom, and gl every1 still trying
  7. can any1 plz gimme new numbers for missions that have beaten? i will update first post one last time on 1.1. so there is a list for 2012
  8. PS3 has new r5ecords @ 2-3 22s! this is 5s faster than xbox, can be done "easily"
  9. Yap new WR at 2-3 @PS3: 25.998s Its just 1 sec. but if you stick to it you might get at least 26.x seconds GL [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRzBkHq7CCI&feature=player_embedded]Lost Planet 2 World Record Advanced Training 2-3 (PS3) 00'25"998 - YouTube[/ame]
  10. ya there is one part - right after he leaves his first "vehicle" and jumps up the wall - if u dont get it right u will have an extra jump which costs you about 2sec still its your best shot at it, yap btw: big thx to MarkusPP - very nice job getting your nom pretty much right after u posted xbox times. today it was my turn on PS3 to crack advanced 2-3 (by 0.5s so buddy of mine can still get it too). nice "cross-consoling" work guys. I'll keep first post updated till 1-1-2012 (updating once a week)
  11. good luck sir thx for the new time - 1st post is updated. Removed bolt cuz its difference is lower than 5s now (altho this will be easiest for you as there is a vid for it.)
  12. Congrats dude! nice job - that was fast! updated first post with new times @ 4-2
  13. Thx for the times first! obv its not enough, but your getting much closer, as u dont see 50 mission, u can pick a few knowing there is (much) space left + im open for crossconsoling finding ways for each other - if you message me your willing to try a specific mission, i can pm that guy asking for assistance - telling him right away that im not interested in PS3 leaderboards, so his record is "save". many ppl cooperate that way though. ill go through the times now. will be done soon sooo glad i wanna go for a WR time on PS3, yay -.-
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