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  1. I'm having an odd problem. I'm in my Whiterun home, fully upgraded. I've been using the chest as a catch-all dump for things like food, potions, ingredients, etc that I'm either unable or don't want to sell just yet. But now for some reason it won't let me put giant toes or alto wines into the chest. I had twenty alto wines already in, then I took them out thinking I could just put them and the ones I was carrying in all at once but now it won't accept even one alto wine. What's the deal?
  2. I can confirm that as of March 31st, 2014 it has not been patched (and at this point probably won't be). I am personally doing it right now before I've even finished the first quest. When you come upon the bear in the cave there's a corner behind it where you can accomplish this.
  3. I am in need of all online achievements if anyone else is up for it.
  4. Just something I noticed and was able to do just now: I did the watching the rumble twice thing, and the six man hell in a cell a few times, still hadn't gotten it. I watched the hell in a cell specifically and jotted down the ones that were wiggled out of. After a half hour four of them still had not been done. So I had a theory: the reports were that you yourself didn't have to wiggle free so long as they were wiggled free. So I went into matches with the last few that hadn't been wiggled out of (oklahoma, lift up, powerbomb, backbreaker) and picked up the computer and let them wiggle free. Bam. On the last one as soon as the computer wiggled free the achievement popped. So if you want to save yourself time instead of watching matches and all that: just start matches as the person with the hold you want, grab the opponent and let them wiggle free. I personally got myself dq'd to end matches.
  5. Baaaaah. Does anyone know what causes the profiles to corrupt? I've had three of them become unreadable by the game, and it's damned annoying. Has anyone else had this problem recently? I'd like to figure out why it happens so we know what to avoid, but it takes so long to get to the point it does it that I'd like some additional information.
  6. From what I've read American Dust was averted when we capture Sadiq. But I wouldn't think that completely stops it, I think whatever is left of the operation could try to do it without him. Or DLC could be Grim-Charlie-Kobin-Briggs missions tying up "loose ends." EDIT: Heard back from Ubisoft. Their response was: "At the current time, we have no information pertaining to future releases for our games. I apologize for any inconvenience and hope you are able to enjoy our games!"
  7. Conviction was released roughly April 13th, 2010. Deniable Ops DLC came out roughly May 27th, 2010. I don't know whether or not we'll get DLC. I'm going to inquire with UBIsoft if there's any plans, but there's another topic in this forum that discusses somewhere with the deluxe edition suggested there would be one called Angel Fire.
  8. I agree that all of them are fun, but each for their own reasons. The first one is fun just because it's the original, the one that kicked off the franchise. Obviously there's some things that could be better, that were ultimately fixed in subsequent ones. Pandora Tomorrow was neat as they explored different uses for the technology--in one instance you have to locate a guy with a fake leg using thermal. The black humor was real good in Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory. Chaos Theory is probably my favorite for the simple reason it was the first one I played. Double Agent was great just for the concept of becoming a double agent and how that effected missions and I think if you're considering going back to play older ones you owe it to yourself to play this one and Conviction. It will make you appreciate a lot of nuisance in Blacklist's cutscenes between Fisher and Grim.
  9. I have no idea how long it would take on normal, but I went through first on easy and it took 10-15 minutes per mission. I saved the perfectionist and no-kill achievements for my last go through (and was going for ghost mastery at the same time), and it took me about 30-40 minutes per mission. So I'd say on normal you're looking at 20 minutes give or take. Really the no-kill is easy. The "Airstrip" mission is the one that it can be kind of a headache on, but that might have been because I was on perfectionist when I did it.
  10. I would be one of those that played every title and enjoyed Blacklist. But I do tend to be someone that once I get hooked by a series I'll follow them even through rough times. I thought Blacklist was a good step forward as they reinvent the series. I think it its a good parallel to the changes in character. The original trilogy, and Double Agent, were stories about professional jobs but there was a shift with Conviction as it was more of a personal story and Blacklist is a mix. Although the thread that takes you through the story is professional there remains the element of personal relationships between Fisher and the 4E co-workers. My only qualm was a confusing aspect between Conviction and Blacklist. Victor Coste narrated Conviction from a Black Arrow interrogation room, and though it was clearly hinted Fisher saves him there I don't think it was ever explained why they kidnapped Coste, how Fisher came to save him, or what impact that had as the story progressed into Blacklist. I'm not sure if the interrogation bit was basically set between the two games or is something for a future installment.
  11. Okay so I may or may not have skipped over most the tutorial things. I'm in the process of trying to find the slammed pickup, and I'm told it appears when a hit squad is after you. I've already resurrected the gangs, but I'm unclear as to how to get a hit squad after me.
  12. I had considered doing one, but I was lazy. For getting the 1K kills for each weapon I had a couple different methods. Silent Weapons I did in the first room of American Consumption as there are exactly ten people there. Slip down the pipe ahead of you and shoot the guy just ahead of you checking under a stage. Then just a bit ahead on the left between two booths is another guy to shoot. Continue as you were before you turned to get the guy between the booths and there will be three people. One is going into the hallway, let him go for now. Mark and execute the two guys that stop to talk to each other. Continue into the hallway and shoot the first guy you come to. There is a second guy in the hallway and if you shoot the first guy too close to the second guy he'll become alerted. Try to kill him before he notices. Then leave through the other door and there will be two people in the general vicinity ahead of you for another mark and execute. Usually there is a guy just ahead on the right, and then one ahead on the left in front of the train. I could make a run through this in a minute-thirty including loading times. Just reload checkpoint when done. For loud weapons I went for the portion with the zipline in Safehouse. Make sure you arrive at the checkpoint with a M&E. Shoot the first guy before you go down the zipline as it won't alert anyone. Then go down the zipline and proceed forward, marking the three guys in a group and executing them. There is one guy further along by the stairs to shoot then. There are four more people to kill from here. Sometimes they come running and you can catch them as they come around the corner, but otherwise just walk down the stairs then up the next set and shoot them individually, using M&E when you can. There's only 9 people here, but it's a quick and efficient method. Again it's about a minute to a minute-and-a-half for this method.
  13. Human Grenade is grabbing a certain enemy and you'll receive the option to press B to use them as a human grenade. There's very few of them in the game to my knowledge. The way I did it was I loaded up the Iran level, where you have to follow the General for a bit. After he's led you into a trap and left you in a firefight you can find one of the guys for human grenade in that room. I couldn't pinpoint which enemy it was or any means of distinguishing an enemy from another, but I know there's at least one in that room. -- Also, I need to team up to get 10,000 points in three of Charlie's missions, get 10,000 ghost points and 10,000 panther points. I'm thinking the co-op missions with Briggs would be best. Is anyone else needing these done and perhaps would like to team-up at some point to knock 'em out?
  14. I think I did that one on Opium Farm. Best strategy is to have a pistol with good accuracy and distance, and find a corner to hide your human shield behind as you shoot so they take as little damage as possible.
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