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  1. Panessa studios with Batman and Robin. I was like "Yes, this is it and it's amazing" ...Also when the gas is spread all over the city.
  2. That's cool, I believe it was on purpose. There is something similar in Watch Dogs with a certain character that was on Black Flag and then just went missing.
  3. Hello. I've just finished the sequence where afterwards You get a letter from Colonel Monro saying You are a templar and giving You the manuscript. How long until I become an "official" Templar? Thanks.
  4. Hey, me and my 2 buddies just requested for an invitation, we are looking to complete the raid, so hit me up in Xbox live whenever you guys are ready for it, my GT is PakoRawr. thanks
  5. Hello, fellow gamers! The reason of this post is a sad one. I decided to play this little gem of a game and so far, I have been loving it. But there is one problem, I can't seem to get any achievements post-getting Rubella on my party (Things like level 10, craft an oculi) I have tried erasing the cashe and deleting all my data. Do you have any idea on what to do? I bought the game on my brothers Xbox and then I downloaded it on mine, does that matter? it was the same profile I'm using.
  6. I guess it's the TV, thanks for the answers.
  7. Hello, fellow gamers! I was completing stuff on my map, and I hacked one person, but while he was still texting, I hacked something else and I couldn't even read, things is, I did not get any briefcase location or any notification, the person was on the north side of the Mad Mile location. Is it a glitch or anything? Thanks. EDIT: Turns out it wasn't glitched. I kinda got scared because it said it was 11 Cases and I could only see 10, but there are only 10 plus a mission you get after collecting them, so for anyone who gets confused, there ya go.
  8. Alright, thanks for the answer. By the way, it seems that repeating the chapter or whatever you're missing, nets you the achievements.
  9. You found any fixes for that, sir?
  10. Hello! I have been playing for 2 days and I made it to chapter 3. Thing is, I have the chapter 0 achievement, but not chapter 1 or 2, any ideas on why and how to get them? Thanks.
  11. Hello people! I'm kinda desperate and looking for help. I recently purchased an Xbox one and while i setting it up I can't seem to be able to set it up HD. To explain myself a little better, My 360 Dashboard looks MUCH better than my One Dashboard. I have tried browsing between 720 and 1080 and while 720 looks better, it does't have that "crystal clear look" you know? To improve upon my problem, I am using a 19" inch Samsung HDTV, and I'm using HDMI cables, I tried using a multi HDMI connector to have both consoles and then tried directly plugging the On cable into the tv, but it looks the same. I don't know if that helps out. Please, I'm really desperate, lol. Any help or advice, would be great, and if it can't be fixed, I want to identify the problem, like "it's the TV" or the cables. Thanks a lot.
  12. I agree, the Story DLC is good but WAY too short to actually wait so much for it, so I'd just get it.
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