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    i like to play xbox live and gfwl a got over 250 arcade games and loads off dlc and
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    am from scotland
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    football games playing with my kids and going out to party
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    is to get as mutch g as i can for now anyway thas sad pmsl

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  1. Hi I got THPS5 on day one the code says its valid till 31/12/2016 RAD PACK code isn't working This is the worst game on Xbox one
  2. Just beat halo 1 got the Maw then nothing came after it.
  3. need 2 ppl to boost this game pc I have laptop and pc so I can get 2 player need 2 more hammycfc is my GT
  4. Yes I am the same. Its not working at all just like the gears of war 3 DLC all over
  5. anybody want to boost the G i will get you the 3 0G to max this out come on ppl GT hammycfc
  6. hi MY GT is hammycfc i was number one on xbox 360 and pc i am 31 in the world if you want to boost off me we can do it pc only add me hammycfc i got the 2 0G on xbox am 1002 in world now pc i got both 1 and 2 0G and am 31 in the world if you need a boost i will help
  7. FIFA13 dont have play 50hr anymore its getting a TOTW AKA IF In Form %5B/color%5D%5B/u%5Dhttps://pbs.twimg.com/media/A3whRxPCIAAnMJs.jpg%5Bu%5D%5Bcolor=#22229c%5D
  8. ^^^^^^^^^ when this out 800/1200 free
  9. I loved the first two games but the players on this game are killing it epic should have a tool that can ban them ps why nobody play ranked game
  10. wish i could get it now man got 1200 just canny see it anywere.
  11. i canny see it am in scotland
  12. thanks i need to try the 2nd one now a saved it just there so will go back
  13. Hi i did this and didnt get it so can anynody tell me if you must here hime 2 time or what iv saw some player are like me and find this to be glitched so if you got any info plz let me no asap
  14. why did my last post get delete. cos i want to help make this game better to play online ranked matchs have mods all the time. i would like your help to make them pay for this a ban or somthing. why should i be put off a game cos cheats am sick off it. i have a good gun game and would niver use a mod how can you use a full clip in 2sec thats sick and not right. i seid to ms about this and was told to post on EIPC and ask them but thay dont say anything about it and say thay cant use mods yes right. IF YOU USE A MOD YOU HAVE NO LIFE YOU NEED THE UPPER HAND TO BEAT ALL THE PLAYER YOU PLAY WITH OUT THAT MOD I WOULD KILL ALL OF YOUS EASY COS AM GOOD GOT SOME SKILL AND NO HOW TO PLAY FAIR AND THATS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT I WANT TO HAVE FUN LIKE I DID ON GEARS OF WAR 2 BUT IN THE END MODS GOT THE BETTER OF THAT GAME TWO PLZ HELP I WILL POST THIS ON IF WE GET LOADS OF YOU GAMERS THAT ARE SICK OF THE MODS so lets do this
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