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  1. SPOILERS AHEAD!!! I'm, of course, talking about who you saved at the end of the Game from the grips of Queen Reyna? For me I actually picked Del, I feel as if Del was the only one who stood by Kait properly throughout the whole story whilst JD teamed up with Fahz and left Kait to deal with the problems herself. I felt so sorry for Marcus though losing yet another family member. I could tell that he's gotten so used to it now but the guilt was still there for me. Who did you save?
  2. I've only been able to successfully complete a Match once on Multiplayer? Finally got in a proper game of Horde and get disconnected on Wave 25 where the Console boots back to the Dashboard and Campaign keeps kicking me out too? Anyone else getting issues too? I keep on having to re-do chapters when I finally fire it back up because the collectibles have gone and I get kicked out?
  3. Obsolence ^^ Just gonna leave this here. Good luck guys and gals!
  4. Hey all! Need to get achievements in both DLC's. Hit me up! GT: Obsolence
  5. I know, I thought the saves might have maybe floated across platforms though? (Rockband has done it with their DLC) I'm completely fine about the achievements, I guess, but the saves will were what I was kinda hoping would cross between both platforms. No biggy
  6. Wait I'm gonna have to complete it again?... Oh well! I guess it will give me some more time with the game Also. pre-ordered the Limited edition from Game. It comes with a fancy Rare Replay shirt which I can wear for work.
  7. Admins if this is not allowed please lock and/or remove this thread. I have made this thread due to the other official one being locked and I have no way of finding other people to join in on the Easter eggs. http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=152133 I am asking people to come join me and my partner in unlocking the achievements and completing the Easter eggs on: *Ascension *Call of the dead *Shangri-la *Moon If people also want to reply and/or look for other people don't hesitate to and go for it! Gamertag: Obsolence Cheers guys!
  8. Ok so December marks the release month of Telltales The Walking Dead: Season Two, however this Topic is more towards what might happen during this season. So here it goes, anyone willing to pitch in, go for it! The two figures in the distance: going by the recent screenshot of Clementine and Omid doesn't justify the fact that the two figures in the distance are Omid and Christa. Think of a few other survivors that could make it out of the city just like Vernon, Molly or even just new characters? My best bet is that whilst Omid is confirmed, I am assuming TellTale will mix it up a bit. (Let's hope that it's Kenny.) In 400 days we saw at the very end; a female who was searching for survivors and she came across what remains of your group. If anything, I'm going to assume that there is some sort of governor involved just like the T.V show. (Hey it's set in the same universe so why not?) Lilly - I have a strange, strange feeling that she's going to make a return because we saw the exact location of Carley/Doug's death in a certain episode. And according to the map in the walking dead game, the Camp Site is held quite close to the part where you chose to leave her, or have your camper van stolen. There is in fact a video on YouTube explaining this somewhere but as I'm on my phone, I can't share links. ;( Anyone else willing to pitch in?
  9. Some people may have just seen the achievement list then went to check the Forums about the Song list? For all we know this could probably be the only song's we'd get? It doesn't state on their website "more song's to come". The question about beating Rocksmith though? I reckon it could be a close call. I've yet to feel more hype for this though.
  10. Quite a pretty solid list in terms of Music Choice (In my opinion) however I feel as if it lacks the amount of Songs available. I don't know if they'll be updating the list any time soon however the songs available so far are: “Back From Cali” - Slash “You Oughta Know” - Alanis Morissette “No Rain” - Blind Melon “Godzilla” - Blue Oyster Cult “Yellow” - Coldplay “Sugar, We’re Goin Down” - Fall Out Boy “The Bleeding” - Five Finger Death Punch “Barracuda” - Heart “Drive” - Incubus “Breaking the Law” - Judas Priest “Cult of Personality” - Living Colour “Harder to Breathe” - Maroon 5 “I’m Broken” – Pantera “Alive” - Pearl Jam:drunk “Jessie’s Girl” - Rick Springfield “Limelight” - Rush:drunk “Should I Stay or Should I Go” - The Clash “The Crazy Ones” - Stellar Revival “Reptilia” - The Strokes Courtesy of http://bandfuse.com/song-list
  11. Sorry for the comments on the top 20 article. That guy just randomly started insulting me. I have no intention though of feeding the trolls, I've notice he does it a lot but have no time for people like him.

  12. Original


    Downloading this now as I type but for the moment I'm going job hunting. I'll update this post on my thought's of this. Been pretty damn excited for it! Tell us your thought's on it? Does it bridge the gap between the two Seasons? Was there that little something at the end of a person's chapter? Anything surprised you? UPDATE There were quite a few surprises in this one, I managed to gather all the achievement's through just one playthrough. (Although I think it's scripted like that) I was definitely surprised by the re-united achievement. I thought that we was gonna see Lilly when the truck was coming down the road. I definitely knew that I'd been here before. I didn't exactly *Notice* who I was re-united with til the achievement popped up. I brought back to the Camp: Glenn, Wyatt and Bonnie. Definitely can't wait for Season Two now! TellTale have done, yet again, (and no surprise) an excellent job!
  13. For some reason I'm not expecting it to be Clementine, I for one, think it'll either be Omed or Christa. But OMG! I'm so excited for this! (Forgot how to spell their names)
  14. Looking for: Swords Avo's Lamentation Beadle's Cutlass The Casanova The Love Sword Really Sharp Pair of Scissors The Splade The Swinging Sword Thunderblade Hammers Faerie Hammer of the Moon King Hammer of Wilmageddon Jack's Hammer Lunarium Bounder Scythe's Warhammer Sorrow's Fist TAnner's Glory The Tenderizer Trollblight The TYPO Pistols The Barnumficator Bloodcraver Briar's Blaster Chickenbane Dragonstomper .48 Gnomewrecker The Ice Maiden Mirians' Mutilator Rifles Arkwright's Flintlock Facemelter The Hero's Companion The Sandgoose The Shrieking Pilgrim Simmons's Shogunate Skorm's Justice Swift Irregular For trade: Swords The Merchant's Bodyguard Hammers: Dragonbone Hammer Pistols: Desert Fury Rifles: Ol' Malice Gamer tag: Obsolence
  15. http://www.game.co.uk/en/grid-2-bac-mono-edition-228776 Was just about to post this? What on earth were they thinking? There's also only one of them? Fair enough if it was a Collectors Toy Car but... Seriously? Who on Earth is going to buy this? (Although £125,000 is a decent price for that Car)I'm still shocked that I've stumbled across this!
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