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  1. Hi I've messaged and added ppl on here and have waited patiently for a reply..most of the time they're online and couldn't be bothered to message me back or even acknowledge my message with a date or anything. So I'm putting my gt up here. If you add me and I'm online I'll jump straight onto this and get it all done. I hate relying on others for achievements.. My gt- Snak3 B3at3r Ps I'm UK timezone so I'll be on around 5-6pm.
  2. Right I've done all the story bits and unlocked all the 8 Cgs or whatever. I can't follow the mop up as my quick saves keep overwriting the 8/8 bottom right corner. How can I wipe the saves as it keeps overwriting! I can't follow the mop up! I'll need to wipe my quick saves and do part 8 again and then follow it from there
  3. Hi What weapons should I leave chris before the swap? I have a grenade launcher, Bow gun w about 270 darts, Custom pistol with barely any ammo and a sniper Now, I can beat that green Tyrant thing with about 150-200 darts from across the heli pad also should I leave the ak where it is or put it in the box for chris?? I've done this game on my old account but it has been banned. I want as much ammo/ power for chris. If anybody could shed some light on this that would be great.
  4. Hi I've made a boosting session for ALL online achievements and all map packs for friday November 2nd I've done them all on another tag and made this new one. If enough join We'll get the lot done. Gt - SNAK3 B3AT3R
  5. Hi all myself (SNAK3 B3AT3R) and my friend will be doing FF and get to the fourth set on friday 26th of Oct. Add me with a text message and I'll get you in. GT - SNAK3 B3AT3R P.s I've done this games on different accounts and I'm making sure the fouth set achievement will be unlocked first C YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  6. Hi I've 1250'd this ages ago and started a new tag. I'm looking to knock all achievements out yes boom right in the kisser friday night ( UK time about 8-9pm) Add me and we'll get it all done Jack Bauer style. GT - SNAK3 B3AT3R DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT WHERE'S THE BOMB?!!!
  7. What's wrong with people these days?! You buy a really good game made for competitive play and only costs 15 quid and you're already finding cheap/stupid exploits to get your kills asap! You gotta ask yourself this simple question. Why do you and people like you even pay for xbox live gold? You buy a decent game like this and play against cpu bots. And HAVE to get your kills as fast as possible with no effort or fun involved.. This sickens me as people did the same on gears of war 1. Why play when I can get cheap kills off ai bots and move onto the next grind..I mean game.. Boosting a big fat fake gamerscore that means absolutely nothing.
  8. I got mine last night on round 7 in offices. playing online a pop. if you play this most days that will just pop for you too
  9. Am I right in thinking that this glitch will be possible to to do forever as you can clear your cache?
  10. Well c'mon out of the 5,000 MATCHES that you play and the thousands of rounds, I think you'll do this at least once! Unless you're like most people. You idle controller the matches and boost everything else..
  11. Hi I'm not bragging or sitting on my high horse but so many people just don't understand how to play this game. In order to kill somebody over lets say - 100 yards away you have to burst fire. I've watched countless gun fights fail because the guy shooting doesn't let go of the trigger! This game also seems fine, even when I get a laggy match.. don't ask me how but I do well.. People keep comparing this game to Call of Duty and it's wrecking my head. It's not call of duty. Nobody crouchs either!
  12. How about they don't patch it? I'm sick of all the little whingers moaning about the 5000 matches. It's not suposed to be easy, it's rewarding people who play the game alot. You and the other moaners will just have to accept that you can't simply boost everything and drain the fun out of every decent game that comes out Besides, you can't get every single achievement in every single game
  13. Anybody know how many maps are standard with each game mode? Hostage rescue has 2 Demolition 5? Arms Race 2? Bomb mode 4? I just guessing, can somebody post a list?
  14. I played with my friend and he lagged but nobody else in the room did. He started stopping and starting like he was teleporting while running. I've had just about no lag and even if I have I can still kill people I watch a lot of people play after I die and they think it's Call of Duty firing their ak full auto at somebody at 100 yards away. And then them scream Bullshit. I'm so fucking glad that they have in game voice only. Those filthy boosters are gonna have a nightmare boosting this and rightly so.
  15. I'm on the same boat mate. Counting down the minutes till 5. Gonna be on this until the early hours. there'll be so many newbs on it too which will be awesome. Boom crouch head shot M-M-MONSTER KILL KILL KILL
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