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  1. Seems an easy list,like for the Risen serie.But at least it'll force you to try every aspect of the game
  2. Thanks man,you made my day ! Really easy way to get both survival cheevos ^^ The guide on TA doesn't work for me,but this one is PER-FECT !
  3. Hello guys,here's my video guide to show you how to get all the stars and all the secrets in JumpJet Rex ! I hope it will help you ^^ [ame] [/ame] Sorry for the voice,it was made on Twitch.If you need any tips,feel free to ask me your questions
  4. I've got this...hmmmm "game" since 2 days and most of the cheevos are the same than the above list but not all.I've only 505G and i can't see the list atm.Most of the X1 cheevos are related to paticulary levels and you'll need to do a specific action.I didn't try the Kinect option but it's really here haha Looks like an easy completion but we can't see that before the release date (04/14).I'll keep you in touch Edit: Well...after 15 hours on this,i can tell you that it's not an easy 1k.Beat Vivian Clark is really not easy but frustrating,boring and need some luck :-/
  5. Good luck ! It's not an easy game.Just the Wizard and the Rogue are very powerful.The 3 others characters are lame...
  6. Great guide Pants ! Thanks for the tip for the 3 Ghosts of a dead hero.After 20 hours of playing and 960G i've only found 1 ghost.Without this trick i will stay on this one more week xD And yeah with Necrodancer or any character with the "Invocation" spell,killing bosses has never been easier ! Simply summon the minion,close the door and wait again and again.If the minion dies,wait until the spell is available and redo the trick until the end of the boss.Simply as that ! ^^ And if you're under difficulties,use the teleportation spell or use a ladder or teleportation door ^^
  7. Sorry but no,you must do it in one run :'(
  8. Very great work ! I wrote my own paper roadmap for my last run(can't wait for the update !) but it's as good as mine ! It's a huge help for the futur gamers ! Why don't you add this to your guide ? It could be really helpful ^^
  9. Ow crap.I followed his fantastic guide for my first run.He did a great job.R.I.P. Tim
  10. Hi ! Yes you've a checkpoint when you reach the guy.Hopefully
  11. I've got the same thing once. You just have to reboot your X1 and that should be good.Me and 2 of my friends succeeded like this. It's just the cloud sync who have some fails sometimes
  12. No prob,i'm glad to help you ! If you have other questions... ^^
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