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  1. Hi I am having trouble starting Boethiah's calling I have reloaded a previous save, I have read the Boethiah's proving and I have even gone to the shrine but there is no one there. Please can someone help me?
  2. Is there anyway to get Lydia back even though I sided with the stormcloaks although I am not Thane of Whiterun again there is no option for me to become Thane of Whiterun again! Please help me!
  3. I have a toddler, two adults, a dog and a cat in my house and whenever the adults go near the toddler it shows a disgusting moodlet from smell sim although my toddler is clean can anyone tell me how?
  4. i unlocked all the characters and even got the 100% achievement but the character achievement did not unlock help me please?
  5. i cant seem to apparate to get to the blue crest as there is snow covering the apparition point Please help??
  6. On beast mode in private they have done an update where you can shoot the barriers does anyone know a way of shooting through the barriers
  7. I am trying to do hammer of dawn execution but whenever I shoot a locust in the legs so he crawls and use my hammer of dawn to finish him it doesn't seem to work help me please???
  8. I have figured it out now
  9. how do I get playsets to show up in the main menu?
  10. whenever I talk to mundungus fletcher in grimmauld place it just keeps telling me to search grimmauld place does anyone know why?
  11. i have done all the separatist missions apart from 4 which are locked does anyone know how to unlock them
  12. I am on Defender of Peace level and it wont let me build minikit dispenser and I have built one of everything on every level
  13. I have completed the game and I am doing side missions but Roland is not on my contact list Can anyone help me please?
  14. Some liberation missions aren't showing on my map. Does anyone know why?
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