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  1. There seems to be a limit of 10h a week you can unlock stuff, so you cant kinda farm those i guess, still pretty stupid. Also if you got all the base items, the rarer ones have a much smaller droprate, so that could be a reason, too.
  2. Just finished it, 14948 in total, wow what a game. Probably the hardest thing i did so far. Kinda proud though !
  3. I hoped everybody would know that ? Isnt that mentioned in pretty much EVERY guide ? If you dashboard and quit the game it will always start you back at the last card before the card you quit on. So if you quit during the dealer, of course it spawns you on the card before him. It always has and i probably used this well over 100 times during all of my sessions, to retry picking a sucess cards or to retry a boss after dying.
  4. I dont think theres a "fast" way. You just have to play a lot. Im around 250 now, almost done with the whole singleplayer. I think i might get to 300 before im finished but who knows. Pretty time consuming to get the full 1000G, so if you go for that youll be 200+ for sure.
  5. You dont get the pack itself, you get a pack that is instantly opened. It shows the mods you got right next to it. So you cant find and open it, as it gets opened when you win it. It just adds the mods it contained to your collection !
  6. Hi, as far i know you can only loot standing armor frames, that are untouched, by entering it and then takeing it whereever you want it to be. To enter it you have to stand behind it, by the way. But if you kill someone that wears the armor, i could only loot the parts and core but not the "frame". Maybe i just didnt notice how to get it, but it looks like you only get armor "frames" from untouched armor that nobody wore.
  7. Dont know about the Bugatti but i did it with the Koenigsegg Agera. If you had Forza 5 you might got that for free and if not you should be able to rent it !
  8. Concerning the "One for the History Books" achievement: I just finished the first season (each series with only one car class) and the season is 17% completed. 17% =~ 1/6 of 100% so it realy seems like you need to complete each series with every car class, as there are 6 of them ... But only if completing "All" of them means 100% and not just finish each series once.. At least the Series keep track of with what car class you completed it.. And i was so happy that this Forza game doesnt have a unbelievable tedious achievement as the affinity one .. ^^
  9. Yeah sounds reasonable, probably the best solution.. Date: Saturday 26th September Time: 08:00 GMT -8 / 12:00 EST / 16:00 GMT / 17:00 BST / 18:00 CET / 00:00 GMT +8 1. AJSymes 2. BAMMphil
  10. Yeah just need to know when and i should be able to make it.
  11. Just like i said, already one who's not here next week.
  12. I dont want to force things, but wouldnt it be better to try and do this as early as possible? So maybe we should try to get this going today / tomorrow? As it is pretty likely that there is something happening, that prevents 1 or 2 out of 24(!!) people to show up in a week ?
  13. - Mark Hamill - Third Person Joker scene - Cloudburst covered city - Police officers taking Batmobil selfie - Azrael and probably a few others i forgot.
  14. The Harley Quinn DLC you got with some Copys wasnt good at all.. And judging from the other achievements, the Robin one sucks as well. Matter of Family might be compareable to the Story DLC from Arkham City and the Batmobil DLC will certainly be realy fucking bad... So in my opinion the Seasonpass istn worth it, and a rip off for an otherwise great game.
  15. For me its: City > Asylum > Knight Which makes it the worst of the three, but as the previous two were masterpieces, this doesnt mean AK isnt great, its just not AS GOOD and "just" a good game, instead of an amazing game. But i dont mind it as I still enjoyed playing it!
  16. The Last Flight fucked up So heres the edit: 1. AJSymes (GMT) 2. acX I3lizzard (CET) 3. Lavindathar (GMT timezone) 4. xBoBx Apfel (CET timezone) 5. OctagonQontrol (CET timezone) 6. Robot God (GMT) 7. Freddy1 Krueger + a second account if needed (GMT) 8. KrispyDominos88 (GMT) 9. DSG1980. (GMT) 10. eMPe101 (GMT) 11. F4H Music Man (GMT) 12.Darkskyofclouds (EST) 13. XXXDaDudeXXX (CET) 14. IEvil IMonkey 15. Kjeksen (CET) 16. IzzyXboxOne (GMT+1) 17. Lumpi (CET) 18. BAMMphil (CET) 19. The Last Flight (GMT -8)
  17. 1. AJSymes (GMT) 2. acX I3lizzard (CET) 3. Lavindathar (GMT timezone) 4. xBoBx Apfel (CET timezone) 5. OctagonQontrol (CET timezone) 6. Robot God (GMT) 7. Freddy1 Krueger + a second account if needed (GMT) 8. KrispyDominos88 (GMT) 9. DSG1980. (GMT) 10. eMPe101 (GMT) 11. F4H Music Man (GMT) 12.Darkskyofclouds (EST) 13. XXXDaDudeXXX (CET) 14. IEvil IMonkey 15. Kjeksen (CET) 16. IzzyXboxOne (GMT+1) 17. Lumpi (CET) 18. BAMMphil (CET)
  18. No problem ! I dont realy know when the missions are availible, as I did them all after I finished the story. Id say you should first finish the story, as some of the later coop missions are pretty tough if you dont have good equipment. And keep in mind that you wont be abl to get all skills without playing all the coop missions, because you have to find additional skill points in the coop levels. (they are collectibles like the cockades)
  19. There are two kinds of Coop Missions, Heists and Missons. To play them you have two options. 1. All the red Mission Icons (like the mask) on the map are Coop Missions. Go there and start them 2. Go to Pause and into the progress menu, to Coop Missions, and select the ones you want. You can (like me) do all of them solo by choosing "Private Lobby" instead of "Search Match", if you dont have someone to play with or dont wont to play with randoms. Forgot to mention: With the method i explained, you can get all the online achievements execpt two. "Revive a Player in Coop" and "Get 10 sync Kills" require a second player.
  20. In MK X there is now a feature that you can enter practice mode while in a King of the Hill lobby. So you still stay in the lobby but you can practice. If you enter practice the punching bag will be displayed, its a nice idea but you cant pay respect while in practice so its kinda bad for the king imo. Emoticons are unlocked in the krypt. Not a lot though, i allready unlocked all of the krypt, but after you get everything you can still bet your koins in the shrine and there you can get, icons, borders, backgrounds, emoticons, concept art, etc. You can enter practice by pressing LB (if i remember correctly, if not look in the bottom, it shows all the buttons there in the lobby) as long as you are not the upcoming fighter.
  21. You should be fine, it will unlock in a few hours-days on its own. If achievements show 100% but dont unlock there was a problem with the achievement registering on xbox live, but like i said it will fix itself !
  22. Did you manage to get it by now? If you didnt know, you can turn on a timer in the gameoptions so you can see your time while playing to make sure you are under 4 min ?
  23. If you want a challenge just ramp up the diffuculty you play on. Choose the class you like the most, start a hardcore character and then put the difficulty to the hardest you can still play. Yeah the Game is pretty easy, but if you keep playing normal difficulty that makes sence right. I played my hardcore crusader at hard from the beginning and finished lvl 70 a few days ago playing on pro. Took the safe route but if you want a challenge, play on harder ones
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