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  1. Oh...Thanks so im glad to discover there will be still people online.
  2. Once Halo 4 comes out will people still play Halo Reach, cuz i don´t think i´ll have the money to buy Halo 4 until a year after its release.
  3. Ok need to buy it! Thanks all for responding.
  4. I see...so i need to buy the xbox HDMI cable or any HDMI cable that fits in. I ask this because i have a HDMI cable but because the cable attach next to the HDMI has this thing that doesn´t let me put it in.
  5. Yeah i did it fast cuz my Lil sis wanted to create "her account". No, before him was another dude that didnt write nothing, by the time i replied dakisbac posted seconds before me.
  6. Well i have a HDTV( Philips LCD 42) and it has every that a HDTV has, puut still when i go to my Xbox i can select the HDTV Settings so i can play Minecraft. Do i have to do something like configure my TV, put it on some format....or..... I´ll need to buy an HDMI cable to make it work? Please i need to know.Reaper Out.
  7. Yeah i forgot if when i created it i put on Locale "United States" or not. Even that i heard if the email you use is not from USA your account wont be, my hotmail account is for example i put that i live in ......(my currently country not is not USA). All of this started because i wanted to download case zero which i couldn´t because of the problem of " Can´t download this in your current location". Still i can´t download it, and i think the reason may be my Xbox but still if it wasn´t from USA it won´t let me play NTSC games like Halo Reach(that are region locked). It believe my account is USA but i only have like 90% of the benefits of one. Thats my explaination and thanks everybody for responding. Reaper Out.
  8. Ahhh...dude? You didn´t write nothing, please i need to know soon i´m going to buy some microsoft points and i have to know which to buy.
  9. My gamertag is TheHackerEG(ExpertGamer) but i´m no hacker, just put it because it sounded good. For the moment nobody say nothing to me because of my gamertag but still there are people that have nothing more to do. So dont worry man.
  10. Hi, I want to know how to tell if ur Xbox account is from USA or other?
  11. So i can play without a Gold Membership?
  12. I have a question. Do you have to be a Gold member or can you be a Silver one to play Mutations on Left4Dead2? Because i got some Microsoft Points and i want Gnome Chompski as my prop, i wanted to know so i go and get some gold.
  13. Tried already too. And have the same problem.
  14. Try on the console doesnt let me. On Xbox.com always tells me try later.
  15. I have the necesary Microsoft Points to download it says can´t download or error code.... Way can I do to download it. I also tried to download the demo and couldn´t either.
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