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  1. Level 30 with moderately strong units, happy for people too boost against me GT: Master Colac
  2. Absolutely dispise games with online achievements! Especially when over half of them are. And being an old game such as this its so difficult find boosting buddies, feel free to add me though. Would love to get rid of this title!
  3. On xbox live for $5 at the moment, how could I say no with all these reviews on it!
  4. I really hate this, only collected the small coins, gems and treasure chests, nothing more! Reached a million, didn't even get the achievement for reaching a score of million. As addictive as this game is, it frustrates me a lot!
  5. Online right now if anyone wants to quickly exchange the online only achievements. GT: Master Colac
  6. He's correct, I had absolutely no problem. Just run to various locations and plant them out. I didn't worry about this till I'd discovered about 5 pivots total and it made life incredibly easy! Just run to the centre of the yellow area and chuck on a new pivot, remove any your not using. Also it may bug up after you pick up a pivot. I simply removed all of them then began chucking them on and the yellow again display.
  7. The 'Predator' achievement doesn't require you to be on a tree, you can do it in cities/towns on top of the planks you find on buildings.
  8. So terribly correct there! Worst games, ehh!
  9. What's this 'female' thing you speak of?
  10. Multiplayer achievements for a game that ruined the series for me! Incredible amount of frustration to be had
  11. As much as I hate zombies these days, that is relatively delicious!
  12. I half agree with that. Storyline is tiny but the suspense they can contain is amazing which is purely why I'm buying the game. Multiplayer is as you said super repetitive! As for the engine, I much prefer the IW engine to that of treyarchs.
  13. 20 hours campaign and 20 hours side missions/objectives is what I've read. Also comes down to how good of a gamer you are aswell. And if the game is gonna glitch much as it already has for me!
  14. This honestly sums it up for me, the temptation to get it has just gained haha.
  15. Your holding in to activate eagle vision first? Normally your target will come up yellow and then exit eagle vision and they'll have an indicator.
  16. Aww thats a bargain! Hoping I can score Revelations for a good price now, after witnessing the end I need it urgently!
  17. I'd hope your not complaining? Haha. Na I do enjoy a challenge personally but am still yet to finish the game!
  18. So correct me if I'm wrong but to obtain the Unlock 'character' achievements all you must do is win a particular amount of exhibition on any settings rather than doing the intended difficulty? If this is the case I can just make it 7 point matches with only 1 game on the easiest setting?
  19. I do believe the leaderboards are all annual statistics, like every year the win loss ratio resets. The true skill stays the same, I may be incorrect in saying so but thats how I think it is.
  20. I struggle with this game on the easiest difficulties haha. Wishing I had of never put the game in the console either!
  21. Here's hoping the game doesn't even require online gameplay for achievements this time around!
  22. That sounds about as useful as Mordecais bloody bird!
  23. Needing the following 3.. Speed Reader Tying Up Loose Ends Never Tell Me The Odds If anyone else is interested in co-op'ing it don't hesitate to drop me a friend request. GT: Master Colac
  24. I freaked out as well when I didn't see the skulls in classic mode!
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