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    I love going to the beach, partying it up, running, and of course xbox 360 baby!!
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    Staten Island, New York, NY
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    Mets Baseball, Jets Football, XBOX 360, Girls, Beach, Running
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    Assistant Controller - Law Office

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  1. the game is indeed a complete bust, due to the incredible come from behind hands an opposing player will get when you have the best hand by a mile. Ive lost to so many runner runner straights/flushes/full houses, you wouldnt believe. Its completely unrealistic.
  2. im currently playing you yannie boy, bring it on! No cheating! lol
  3. Only found 2 on the Ocean level where they are in the same spot, but have no clue where the other one is. Completed Antarctica and found all its artifacts, but not a single Dev Head. Anyone have an insight as to there exact locations on the maps?
  4. Awesome guide, thanks so much. I tought I mention a slight change. In chapter 2, when you have to select a spot in a picture that looks like rafters. You have "When a picture shows up asking you to point something out, select the bottom left side of the right picture." It should read When a picture shows up asking you to point something out, select the bottom left side of the left picture. Kept messing up till i switched to the other picture! Thanks again
  5. yeah, this weekly challenge is so much longer and annoying then last weeks!
  6. ferrara316


    This is happening across all windows phone games I'm afraid. I unlocked achievements in MUSH, and was surprised to see when i got home, so many of them were still locked on XBOX.com.
  7. This happened to me in MUSH, and there is a topic on that forum page as well. I just starting playing this today, if this happens to me, it looks like there is some issue between the windows phone and xbox live which is bs!
  8. Build 15 New Buildings... Ive been playing the game from the start and this particular one doesnt even have progress completed.. How is that even possible?
  9. any tips on 6-3. This level sucks so bad!
  10. Ok, looks like that one is definitely glitched. I was able to get the Tinker one since I had the outfit unlocked due to playing Full House Poker. You can get that one done once the weekly challenges reset. Kind of lame that one of the challenges is completely unobtainable as of right now due to dumb glitches.
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