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  1. To everyone moaning because they're going to "lose" exp: You play Gears 3 multiplayer to have fun so why are you so angry with EPIC's decision? If you "lose" the extra exp you've earned, that is not EPIC telling you not to play their game. It is EPIC's way of making an 'even playing field'. You should be playing for fun, not because it goes towards a medal/achievement or new unlock.
  2. Ah, very interesting. Thanks for the post Interesting they're including 'The Slab' as that is the name of the fifth Gears novel, released in May 2012. Really looking forward to this map pack as I have the Season Pass. I, like someone above, think Beast will be the main theme of this map pack. There are some weird spaces in the Beast selection screen pre-spawn and I think they can fill them with these Flame Grenadier, Theron Guard, Reaver and RAAM.
  3. Fair play for starting again mate. I would probably start again too. Gears is more than a game to me, it's an EPIC storyline made even better when you have read the books. Obviously, if you have nothing else that you would like to play then you can play Gears 3 again and go for the ONYX medals all over again. It gives you something else to do.
  4. I don't understand what this thread is about. Is this a fantasy idea or is "Fenix Rising" a new DLC announced by EPIC Games that I have yet to hear of?...
  5. What exactly happens on today's event in Beast Mode? I only need 19 heavies ribbons for ONYX.... Anyone please tell me?
  6. Although Bernie Mataki is my favourite Gears character, I do like Kim. I have now changed my character to Kim. I don't know how long I will keep him as my COG character, but I am thinking I can always boost the female medal in private games along with other medals.
  7. The medal didn't stack for me, so post your cockiness elsewhere.
  8. Now that the second batch of characters are available, I was wondering exactly which characters people here like to use, and why? So here is mine. Bernie Mataki - Read the books and she is by far my favourite character so very happy she is in the game. Savage Theron Guard - I don't see him around much as you have to complete Beast on Insane without any waves failed, and Theron Guards are kind of hardcore in the Gears army.
  9. Beat it on hardcore arcade. The medal doesn't work like you think it does. Beat it on each of the difficulty settings to unlock it and start with hardcore.
  10. Thanks, I've been having trouble with 2.7 so will try this out. EDIT: Can someone please post the details for 3.1 like restart checkpoint or do's and don't's. Thanks in advance.
  11. Ok mate sounds ace. I will add you this evening (GMT).
  12. I picked up DiRT 3 yesterday because I have recently become infactuated with WRC and as I look in this forum I see the posts are few and far between. So, are there many of you that still have this game? I haven't tried the multiplayer yet but from what I have seen on YouTube, it looks like it could be great fun. If you are interested in playing multiplayer, then post here and we can organise some multiplayer.
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