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  1. btw just to let you know the Career Record Updated doesn't pop up until you regain control of your character and can move.
  2. You have to dolphin divec(go prone while sprinting) onto the grenade, also your less likely to die if you get the flak vest from the boat (need the access kit to access it). I waited until the end of the mission where you fall back, right at the final standpoint by the river just wait behind the trees until you see the white trail of a grenade and dive onto it.
  3. Who the fuck QA tests these things... easily the most frustrating challenge i've come across so far, more annoying than the Ziggy one.
  4. Anyone got tips on doing second chance in tactical mode only, fucking retard soldiers just stand there instead of releasing the hostage and there's no way to direct them to do it.
  5. Jesus i've opened about 15 gold packs and the best I have gotten is Gomez (only sells for around 18k). Got a 4-1-2-1-2 Darren Bent which went for about 9k aswell.
  6. Were you connected to the EA servers when you done them?
  7. Exactly, sad endings can be great if executed properly (Red Dead Redemption). This is just something that makes no sense and has thousands of plot holes. Not only that it blatently ignores every single choice you've ever made over the 3 games.
  8. Whereabouts was this, this is the last Physical Challenge I need and I can't find anywhere to do it. I heard the War Room in the Musuem has one but I cleared them guards out when I got the trophies there, so there's nobody there. EDIT: I found a place in park row, outside the theatre and there's an extinguisher next to some guys there, got to be a combo batarang that takes them out though.
  9. 84% disliked 16% preferred or did not submit a review I've been on xbl for 4 years and find it hard to believe that 84% of every player I have ever played with has bothered to dislike me. These days I don't even use my mic unless i'm in an xbl party. Although 3/4 years ago when I was 13/14 I did my fair share of trolling on CoD4.
  10. Completed game, want to go play earlier sequences for 100% Sync. Having to wait through at least 40 minutes of credits. Really I couldn't give a shit who made this game. Multiplayer, want to get achievement for playing in every game mode, most modes don't have enough people and not only that it just shoves in a deathmatch with no way of quitting until it starts. Not everyone has all day to play video games... Counter Attacks don't always work. RAAAGGGE
  11. It sometimes makes you play things you otherwise wouldn't bother with in a game.
  12. Didnt see that, haven't been here in a long time and don't remember that thread but cheers for pointing it out.
  13. Okay the MW3 novelty is wearing off and while it will be in and out my console for the next year I want to buy another game before christmas. So, Skyrim, Battlfield 3, Arkham City or Assassins Creed?
  14. It got bad media press before it was released after the mission got leaked so they were forced to put the warning in. But it was really stupid to be honest, had nothing to do with the story. Utterly pointless.
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