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    Avid fanboy of THE [email protected] since 2008.
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  1. I'm a guy, haha. The name was from one of the themes in Guilty Gear. Dizzy is my favorite character from Guilty Gear series, and I liked the title of her theme. XD
  2. Either The [email protected], or Jet Set Radio. Gosh I wish the JSR games were on XBLA, or something.
  3. I'd say Castle Crashers. It was my first XBLA game, and I still play it once in awhile.
  4. Thanks for the guide! I'm probably going to sit and read through this VN after vacation.
  5. I have yet to pick up this baby, but thanks in advance for the guide! I can't wait to get on it.
  6. Dang, I wish I saw caught that wikia before I 1000GS/Plat both versions. It would have shaved off quite a bit of playtime, when I was playing it on 360. >_< Great work, though! I wasn't sure if you needed help with a Promotion/Publicity section, but I can help with that if you need.
  7. Thanks for the walkthrough! I wasn't aware that a Platinum Hits version got released, so I just ordered it recently.
  8. I 100%'d both versions of [email protected] 2, and I STILL haven't finished this game (It's been sitting on my shelf for like, 3 years now, lol). I really should get back to this one. Don't know why I kept putting this one off... >_< Well, I guess today is as good a day to start as any. *boots it up*
  9. I am a long time lurker of both xbox360achievements.org and ps3trophies.org, but I've only recently decided to register to both. I mainly dabble in imports and am an avid fanboy of The [email protected] series, as well as Cave bullet-hells. Though I actually just play any SHMUP I can afford/get my hands on. While I mainly play those types of games, I am actually pretty open to any genre, as well as any platform. Anywho, nice to meet you all! And thank you to all the road-map and guide writers on the site. There's so many awesome guides here. I'm hoping to someday write an import guide here myself, someday..... when I'm not too busy playing them.
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