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  1. It's been happening for months now, in fact they're the reason we can now report messages as spam. These accounts will have action taken against them, and Microsoft will actually send you a message of thanks if people you've reported are banned. In the end it is futile, as whoever is doing this isn't going to stop, as it's probably an automated bot process. Just block and/or report, and move on with your life.
  2. I thought they said there was no max level in Fallout 4? If that's the case you'll eventually be a god compared to any enemy, seems extremely broken to me.
  3. You misread the question. He was asking If the new controllers work on both platforms. I can't confirm this, but I'm pretty sure the answer is no. Activision has to get that $$$ somehow....
  4. I really hope they start making the really cool LE consoles soon. The ones that are, are gaudy and ugly imo (CoD, and Halo 5). I would've probably got this if it had a TR paint job.
  5. I wouldn't compare Gears, and Halo (2 Anniversary to be specific) to the other shameful "remasters" out there considering they were remade completely. The problem with publishers making these "remasters", is that they'll probably opt the original out of backwards compatibility, which is just wrong for people who already own these games for 360.
  6. Eh unnecessary if you ask me, I'm personally sick of "Remasters". As for which Bioshock feels out of place I'd have to disagree with you. I feel that goes to Infinite, It is nothing like the others (2 of my favorite games of all time), and I can not even bring myself to play it any further than I have.
  7. 10,725 for September so far, been knocking out a bunch of 1-3hr [email protected] games I bought months ago.
  8. You'd have to contact someone at Activision to get this answered.
  9. That was why the beta had the blue/red outline, but everyone bitched about that... So now we're stuck with the more colorblind amongst us shooting at their teammates. I personally can differentiate between the two no problem, but I've seen friendly fire in every game I've played..
  10. I don't recall them saying the games would be there at launch. They're probably waiting until BC is available for everyone.
  11. Hope for a sub par mobile game most likely, and that's unfortunate.
  12. Game of Thrones isn't complete yet, which is why there isn't a disc yet. BttF will be both physical and digital, as it's a completed game.
  13. Yes Spartan Strike is playable on Win 10. Edit: Just in case you didn't know Spartan Strike is cross buy, so you'll be able to download it for free.
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