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  1. I was having trouble with one of the survival events, and after failing 5 times it gave me the chance to skip it and move on. I skipped it and it gave me a gold medal for that event. Will this affect me getting any achievements?
  2. Same happened here, mine glitched on City Escape. I going to just beat it and then replay it.
  3. Can all of these achievements be obtained on Easy AI?
  4. Im playing through the career on expert guitar and im not unlock achievements for playing a gig in dallas for example. Is this a glitch? Anyone else experiencing this? Any helpful ideas on how to fix this?
  5. thanks for the help for me too! lol, didnt get this either...
  6. What is the best car to use in the final championship? Zonda R or a fully loaded Lambo Murcielago?
  7. I wonder what this means for the release of it, when it becomes available online. PS3 to cost more? Also Add me on PSN: RecklessElf I wish i got a hardened edition for the ps3 now.
  8. After you beat the game, you can go and replay the "flashback" part of the mission but you cant replay finding the becons? like when your the rookie running around town?
  9. What does CRED do? do you buy things with it??
  10. I want to know a song that is easy to get a score like 400K or 500K please. Also what is the best combination for 800K in co-op? Thanks
  11. cool cause that was the problem i was having. I didnt know which subway to take. sweet.
  12. I would have played this game and gotten the achievements and had fun but i couldnt get place. Help? can you make waypoints that point where to go and do you have to take the subway?
  13. I know there is a cheat code for all costumes and I feel lazy getting 200 stars in every instrument career so can I use this cheat and still get achievements?
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