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  1. Year One, A Death in The Family, Cataclysm, No Man's Land, Dark Victory, Hush and those are just comic books. When you throw in the animated series' and Movies and other video games from 1990 'til now then Battle for the Cowl is a long way down the list.
  2. I like the little Easter egg of Otisburg where the Lex tower is. A cool reference to the Superman movie.
  3. All those saying the batmobile is fine and so are the tank battles. Work towards 100% and I bet you will be fed up of them by then. Some tasty Boss battles that I wont spoil get reduced to yet another tank battle. Whoever decided this was to be the main feature should be ashamed of him/herself.
  4. Three words. FUCKING TANK BATTLES. That's all that seems to happen. I definitely agree it's the worst of the trilogy and maybe even Origins. Batmobile has ruined this game.
  5. You can still get all the achievements if you own the disc versions of the games. The Steam version no longer supports GFWL. I'm doing them again starting tomorrow as well as every other Batman game in a run up to Arkham Knight.
  6. For the challenges accumulate 4 Flash Grenades (You should save 5 on Normal or Higher, I was on Very Easy) and save at the Lab Entrance. You will find 4 Zombies here (5 on higher). 2 (3) in the hallway after the save room and 2 downstairs. Same place for burning and headshots. The hallway has kerosene right outside the save room door. Use the Flash grenades to blow off zombie heads and you can still burn the corpse. You will get 4/5 Zombies per load.
  7. What possessed you to try an invisible no save run? I did my no save run as Chris on very easy and infinite rocket launcher. I did couple my invisible run with my knife run though and that was a breeze.
  8. Well I went that way last time so thought I'd mix it up a bit this time. Trying a Invisible knife run now as you only need to kill 5 enemies (Dog Collar dog, Crimson Head Prototype, Plant 42, Yawn and Tyrant) so we will see how that pans out. Edit: Completed the knife only Invisible run in 2:38:55 and the hardest part is definitely the Crimson Head Prototype. Get past that and you should have very little problems. Went into Tyrant fight with 5 First Aid Sprays and came out with 4. Edit 2: I also just got Passion for Fashion after just 3 playthroughs. Invisible mode gave me both Chris outfits. Not sure why...
  9. I plan to get it on Steam at a later date too when I want to go through the game again. Hell I wish it had been separate lists for Japanese/English on PS3 so I could do it again in the future.
  10. You pick the Emblem back up on your final return to the mansion before going behind the main hall staircase and should go green after it.
  11. I changed my runs up for this version. I did speedrun then jumped into Real Survivor as Jill. Just finished it and also got the Hard difficulty trophy too. So really no need to do a hard Chris run.
  12. Playstation only gets 1 list of trophies in the cross-buy though. Doesn't Xbox have 2 separate lists. I plan to get One now and the 360 when it gets discounted down the way.
  13. I did a knife run on Very Easy as Chris for the Japanese PS3 version and it was very easy. I didn't even bother dodging bosses. Just went toe to toe with them. Just make sure you have at least 3 full healing items just in case.
  14. I'm just about to start this again but if I remember right there is a save point in the casino. What I did before was smash all the slot machines for the money, save then reload and they would all be fixed. rinse and repeat. Saved a lot of time.
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