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  1. This guide was helpful in the beginning, but having a more detailed guide on reaching a population of 5000 would be useful. I've played the game for about five hours and I still don't really understand how to efficiently increase my population.
  2. Great guide. Got the 1k in about 8 hours.
  3. This guide offers many great tips to make hell mode easier, but I don't know how you were able to take no damage while jumping consistently. I noticed that jumping diagonally gives me a higher probability of not taking damage, but it is not very consistent.
  4. I get all of my japanese games from Amazon. The prices on Amazon are usually a couple of dollars cheaper than on eBay, unless you are able to find them in an auction.
  5. Why is Final Fantasy XI listed when there is still four months until the servers go down?
  6. I thought the game was pretty fun for $6. I have heard of two other instances where achievements won't unlock, but I think hard resetting your Xbox is supposed to solve the problem.
  7. Great guide. Got the 1K in under 5 hours.
  8. It does not. Most NTSC-J games will not work on a PAL or NTSC console.
  9. You can find it on Gmarket for $40.
  10. Great guide. Finished the WP and Windows 8 version today.
  11. What happened to the guide for chapters three and four?
  12. Excellent guide. Made finding all of the wanderers a breeze.
  13. Could any one link me to a website that sells Japanese points? I've been looking around and I can't find anywhere except Play-asia.
  14. That is really weird. I have never seen a glitch like that.
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