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  1. i need some who wants to do the online achievements please add me gamertag: rey2380
  2. add me to do the online achievements gamertag: rey2380
  3. I really suck in this game xD I need help to get some online achievements please, add me, and I can help you if you need help my gamertag is: rey2380
  4. add me, i want to do some achievements of this game (Win 10 xbox live player matches and become a TV superstar) my gamertag is: rey2380
  5. add me my gamertag is: rey2380 i want to do all the 100 wins online
  6. Hello I got 890 of 900 musical notes, I can not find 10 in the world "hailfire peaks" What happens if I get all the notes? Do I get any new feature, end, animation or something? I have everything else, Jinjos, Jiggies, Cheato´s pages, Glowbos, etc..
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