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  1. I spent a while trying to get in on Wanton Destruction but still had no luck. The Black Widow level didn't work as well. I was going to leave it for a second play through when I got it by accident on the factory level. It wasn't at the barrel dispenser as others have reported working. However on the same level there is one of those round platforms which already has a lot of barrels. I was using Invisible Woman and I was just using her area kinetic attack to smash things for points/currency when I used it on a stack of about 6 barrels. All of them exploded at the same time and the achievement popped. I'm speculating the item is not for a true "chain" but 5 or more destroyed at the same time. In Wanton Destruction I set off several chains which cascaded in 7-10 separate explosions. However I was never going for five barrels at once when doing it. Just my two cents but based upon other comments here I think this is a wording issue and not a glitch.
  2. Having just suffered through this and keeping tally marks. I did it strictly with the LB Protego. The catch is to have Stupefy ready as your current spell. This "one-shots" the unsuspecting guards. When I used Protego with other spells armed, all it did was knock the guards down rather than kill them.
  3. I had to recruit my two sons for the Nightosphere level 50 achievement. It really takes more like 4-5 hours. Otherwise that would be completing a level every 2.5 minutes (for the 2 hours listed in the walk through). With having to find the actual floor trigger to open several of the exit doors this is unlikely. You also may want to save the game to your Xbox to aid load times as well. We finally got it after three attempts. Zeldron's Armor is a must for all characters. Better that than the pink sweater as curses are fairly rare unless you are having trouble with Magic Man.
  4. I'm still looking to jump into online games to create the in game friend list for the treasure achievement and the online vs. 10 kills. If there is anyone still looking or can assist just message me at gamer tag: Jump Joker
  5. I finished up all the other achievements and I still had four bonus pictures locked. I was able to unlock these with additional wins on short games. I'm not sure if the win is required but the game is really easy to come in first place. After each match a new picture would unlock and after the fourth one the achievement popped. I know this is a very old thread. However, the question was never answered and there might be someone out there still looking for it.
  6. Finally managed to get a reasonably priced copy. Need the online achievements. Message me GT: Jump Joker
  7. Even playing it after the Xbox One backwards compatibility, this achievement is glitched. I got 26 ranked match wins on the North America map and no achievement.
  8. Thanks for the tallies. I discovered I was missing a book. It turns out you need to buy books from EVERY store. I was missing the one from Main Street.
  9. I don't know if you're still looking for an answer...However, I popped these today. I thought for sure Bookworm was glitched until I compared my tally to the total listed in another thread on this site. It turns out I was one book light. I thought I had bought all the books. It turns out I missed the photo book from the Main Street store. As for the last adventure, I would consult your map. After finishing what I thought was the last and running around for a while, I finally pulled up the map and a character all the way across the map now had something for me to do. I hope that helps.
  10. Always need more pinball friends...GT: Jump Joker
  11. Happy to support the pinball community (even if I am late) GT: JumpJoker
  12. Sadly my quest for 1000 on this silly game has ended. Due to a glitch (perhaps related to my Uplay account as listed above), I somehow popped the Gold choreographer achievement before the silver. I have made four attempts since to erase all my save files, clear the cache, etc... and I still couldn't get the silver achievement to pop. On the fourth try I even cleared everything in advance, restarted the system, and made a single playthrough attempt making sure not to deviate outside the Freestyle area. I even played the list in order and knew where 25 songs was and it still did not pop. I even took it to 30 songs just in case. So I'm leaving it here and not going to even reattempt the 200 songs. Thanks Ubisoft for your substandard quality control. And this is coming from a guy who grinded 1000/1000 on DOA Xtreme 2.
  13. I know this post may be late because this game is pretty much dead. However, I discovered after I was about half way through 200 songs my Uplay account finally decided to give me Uplay achievements and as a result disabled all future Xbox achievements for the game. I had to go into my Uplay account on my PC, break the account link, delete my game data and start again. If you are going to take this 1000 on, do the choreography upload/download achievements FIRST. Then disable your account, delete the game save, and start knocking out the rest of the achievements in earnest. It sucked for me because I only had the choreography ones and 200 song one left and I had to start all over. Good luck!!!
  14. Unfortunately you can't. I made a check list before I started one night and started crossing them off. Fortunately I had my kids help me with the twins, triplets, and quad styles. As for the rest, some of it is dumb luck. We danced intentionally differently on many occasions and still scored the same style.
  15. Looking for a boosting partner for the one online achievement. ***DONE*** Message me at GT: Jump Joker ***Thanks to Thrawn526 for helping me complete this.***
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