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  1. Huh? What's this about a break? They just got several bosses working along with a few other features, saw a tweet not too long ago about it. I figured it was still in full steam ahead mode. I haven't tried it in about a year though

  2. Damn, haven't been here in a few years.


    Anyway, if you haven't heard, there's a private server for PSU. It's still under construction and the main person working on it took a break for a good while. Probably forever. *shrugs*



  3. Are you really, really, really, ridiculously good looking? [Link] :francis:

  4. Oh, Hourou Musuko is same author as Aoi Hana? I should probably check it out. I only watched the anime to Aoi Hana and it was great, and actually made me want to start the manga despite never wanting to read manga. Yuri Kuma Arashi? I couldn't get through the 2nd episode. It was torture. Only saw ep1 of Citrus so far (since I haven't been watching really anything in a couple months), and it's probably just me being picky, but I didn't like how forced all the encounters in the first episode were. To me, they felt like they were all in service of "HEY LOOK, THIS IS A SHOUJO AI STORY!"
  5. Attention to detail can add infinitely to story telling and character building. To use Alec's word (not sure exactly which part he was referring to though), the subtlety of everything adds a clean non-spoken narration to the story, adding more depth to every scene. That's something Kyoani's directors focus on, which is developing characters simply by the way they move. Well, they're off to a great start at least.
  6. First episode was just building a foundation of the current situation and just enough so you can understand Violet. It was a fantastic first episode, you don't need things all flashy for it to be good (ignoring the fact that the animation goes beyond flashy to drop dead gorgeous)
  7. For the most part imas is boring as shit, has subpar music generally, and has so many girls created just to fill every niche out there. Barely anything to be attached to. I still like it because I'm a loser that likes all idol stuff but I rarely go out of my way to do anything idolmaster related, even dropped both mobile games even though I play Love Live's religiously. This has been your local idol weeb, signing out.
  8. The bait is real with this one. I need to get back to watching Chihayafuru. I watched the first episode while I was in Japan, then watched the next 3 recently, just haven't gotten around to marathoning it. Can't remember if I mentioned or not that my friend plays a background character foreign tourist (if they use the cut) for the most recent Chihayafuru live action recorded, since they were recording in Higashiyama, Kyoto. The local train that went through the town I was staying in was also completely decked out in Chihayafuru decals, as one as one Taxi. [spoiler=images] I rode on it twice while I was there (the local train wasn't convenient for the places I usually went, and there was only 1 out of probably at least 10 train cars on the line). Though seeing it around town sorta made me want to eventually get around to watching it.
  9. Madoka is one of those anime that helped start the "3 episode drop" trend, or so I hear (being a newer anime watcher myself i have no clue on the community). Madoka though builds on itself throughout the story and doesn't just rely on the twist in episode 3 to keep going. I think it was boring as shit for the first few episodes, but I know it's supposed to get great so I do plan on continuing it one day, just haven't gotten around to picking it back up yet. ~~ On a recent note, yesterday I went and saw the Heaven's Feel first movie, it was fantastic. I started off with a negative view on Fate/Zero, but after a rewatch of it, I really liked it, and I loved UBW, and Heaven's Feel is like the others but on a grand scale (being in a theater setting helps). Can't wait for the rest of the trilogy of movies. Not the best of pictures, but they handed out this folder-sized printout of the movie poster Also general anime wise, I've just been trying to clear out anime I've been planning to watch over the years/started and never finished
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