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  1. Don't know if I could carry, but I could try. From what I remember it becomes significantly easier once you spawncamp them gamertag is LordScoty steam id LordScot
  2. I'm both annoyed and relieved, the countless hours spent farming these things, majority of coin I made during the time I've played this game having gone into chests, I'm sure I'd have enjoyed the game a lot more with better quality items on my civs instead. Oh well, if it means I'm guaranteed to get the Spartan Academy (last luck building) I'll take it - I really don't have the time or patience to be grinding this crap out before July, especially as I'd like to experience and complete Fertile Crescent and Northern Invasion Might as well grab my other two Crete buildings while I'm at it, even though it'll only save two runs. I submitted a ticket, hopefully they don't take too long about it And for anyone interested, I recently found the Tomb in a level 20 moe's chest (only one I've ever got from Moe's)
  3. Thanks man, if not for this thread I probably wouldn't have noticed, this means I can play Babylonian as well as grab Northern Invasion and Fertile Crescent:woop:(last things left for me) Guess I'll just finish off the vault with the rest of the EP
  4. I had the original on console and TLC on PC it was a great game, thought Fable II was pretty poor in comparison and hardly got anywhere in III, it was just terrible. I'd probably buy it if I still had a 360. In fact I might just steal my brother's to play it, though I already took his PS3 for GTA V:D
  5. It was always going to happen, IMO a lot of the content is too repetitive so it doesn't justify paying with real cash for a lot of the stuff (some things, sure). Hoping there'll be frequent civ and booster pack discounts now that there's only server costs left.
  6. lol if you couldn't figure out the first one, GL w/ the rest, if you have too much trouble then use a guide, but they do get hard (not sure if the puzzles themselves are in order, or if it is dependant on which glyph you locate)
  7. I never use the rested bonus anyway, don't see why people feel it's so important.
  8. Yeah you don't need to be flying, just anywhere in the area close to a part (e.g walking or driving by) and it will hit again. Given the annoying noise it makes, and the autosaving whenever you collect a part, I'd strongly advise you wait until you've finished the game and collected your HVT's before doing this.
  9. Nope, they don't care. On PS3 I'd used BFBC to accept the terms and it works fine now, but if you can use a demo game to do it, even better.
  10. I'd ran around getting the collectibles as soon as new areas became available, so almost all of my codex pages were decoded when just talking to him as part of a mission, if anything it meant no having to double-back
  11. I thought it was obvious you had to be in combat? Anyway good that you got them, they're not too hard but I thought the sand one was a bit random, I'd have them all in a perfect position and it would stun like 2 of them, when it popped I'd stunned 6, seemed weird.
  12. That sucks man, always keep a back up of your save files just incase something like this happens, USB sticks don't cost much (never had use for one myself as their data size is too small, but I bought one just for game saves) so it's well worth it.
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