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  1. My profile doesnt seem to be updating It hasnt updated since the first scan and that was around September 27th for me
  2. I found out the issue! When i added my gamertag to the Queue, it was set to have all capital letters in it but my gamertag is mostly all lowercase. So once I changed that it recognized it right away
  3. Thanks so much for the quick response! I appreciate you kicking this up a notch and see what might be the issue.
  4. For some reason my gamertag still is not being tracked, it has been entered into the queue on the 24th. Should I continue to wait or is there something else i need to do?
  5. I'm trying to play world of tanks but every time I'm loading the server, it completely kicks me off xbox live and says I need to be on Xbox Live to play this game. Is this happening to anyone else? Is WOT having server issues or what? Please someone help me
  6. Ok... So Im trying to get the "It Burns" achievement but i can never seem to catch a tank on fire no matter what I do, can someone please tell me where to hit the damn tanks and the best tank to achieve it with, please and thank you!
  7. Please sign this petition for the photojournalist achievement https://www.change.org/p/black-tusk-studios-please-fix-the-photojournalist-achievement-so-it-can-be-obtained
  8. Please take a look into the Gears of War 2 photojournalist achievement!
  9. I need help anyone and everyone! I want some confirmation on this achievement. There are two description "Buy any crown weapon" and "Buy any crown item," The weapon one is showing up on x360a and the item one is showing up on trueachievements.com as well as on our xbox live gamertags. Some have had confirmation of buying the crown gloves do not work for this achievement and others are confirming that it does unlock the achievement. Anyone who has unlocked this within the past month or so can you give me an answer on what you did? Please and thank you. I'm thinking for the people who said the gloves DONT work, unlocked it awhile back when the original achievement was where you had to buy any crown weapon.
  10. I can never seem to spawn in the game the same time as other people. I am always late and i need the achievement where I cant die or get knocked down during a coop match. Can i still get it even though I arrive in the game late??
  11. whoa now, i am the extremest of the extreme gamers out there but just not for this game, any other game you throw at me i will kick its ass, lmao
  12. Ok, so i just started playing this game and im confused as hell! I have no idea what i am doing and I'm getting no where, lmao. Someone please help this dumb kid here
  13. so i still cant see my new achievements, is there a reason for this?
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