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  1. I realize this is a long time (literally no pun intended) from the original question but I just got Virtuoso with the following video on youtube: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZNCbzgzsho]YouTube- Foreplay/Longtime [Rock Band 2] 100% Expert Vocals[/ame]
  2. This was for the PS2 version of the game. Different kinds of "achievements." I'm pretty sure MS would never approve of a game that had this kind of "cheat."
  3. Did you not go to any of the Super's weapons caches? They had them in the normal city (not levels). http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=176884
  4. I spent 2 hours to complete one level last night. It was ONI Alpha Site (Solo-Legendary). The enemies are unrelenting. Your information is wrong, sir. Try not to jump the gun again so you don't have any more "Epic Fails." [My only complaint is that your friendly AI isn't so hot. However your fellow-ODST buddy that is in it with you cannot die. Ever. Unless maybe he jumps in to a bottomless pit. You can let him lay down lots of fire and distract the enemy.]
  5. I got the game yesterday and played it for about 4 hours on Solo Legendary...it is awesome. Very tough but very awesome. I haven't gotten in to Firefight yet but I can only imagine it is going to be very good. The tracker is very helpful too. Half of the reason achievements are made are to get you really in to the game and learn new modes or tactics. It enhances your personal game tactics by getting you to try new things. IF YOU LIKE HALO, THIS IS FOR YOU. (Hmmm...I wonder if that's why Bungie made it in the first place?!)
  6. Here is the order that I have gotten the lions in so far: 1. Training Ground 2. Clock Tower 3. Suspension Bridge 4. Entrance Courtyard 5. Library 6. Herbology Hallway ...The rest I haven't gotten to yet.
  7. Maybe some secret areas would help you: http://kotaku.com/5235044/wow-check-out-one-of-wolverines-secret-places
  8. http://kotaku.com/5235044/wow-check-out-one-of-wolverines-secret-places
  9. Ever heard of tapping the mic with your hand?
  10. For the Flawless Vocals/Singing...I just held the mic up to the TV speakers. You have to pay attention for the two percussion parts as well as make your own noise for the Overdrive. But it works flawlessly. I'm wondering if they have some sort of noise cancellation software built in to the game/mic.
  11. You can't party up for Lonewolves. Your best bet would be to earn the achievements legit (just keep trying) or ask the people in the lobby if they will help you. No headsets will work after the game starts. The easiest for most of those are hoping for Swords or King of the Hill. The Put or Epitaph are the best levels. Maybe Next Time Buddy - just go into Rumble Pit with a buddy in your party and hope for a level with a vehicle (Snowbound or High Ground) and one of you get in the vehicle, the other steal it, and go back and forth twice and you'll both get the achievement.
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