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  1. Anytime! Had fun making it

  2. You rocked my socks, thanks! :egypt:

  3. No complaints here! I'm just thankful for you taking out the time and making an effort. You are appreciated, brodie!
  4. Finished your request, it's not a pop-out, but I hope you still like it. Lemme know your thoughts :)

  5. If someone could be so kind as to create me a signature with an avatar using the image linked below. I would appreciate it if on the signature, the only text appearing on it is "andrearnettbraun", but without the quotation marks of course. Might I also add, that a pop-out signature would be lovely if possible! Thanks in advance! http://wearemahogany.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/JoshGarrels-1500x1000.jpg
  6. Protected the baby? Me and 84.2% of players protected the baby. - I chose to protect the baby because I prioritize the refuge of the baby over the refuge of Clementine as a means of expressing a sacrificial act of my love towards him. Plus, the innocency and pureness of which all babies possess, is a rare set of traits to have in the zombie apocalypse. Went to help Luke? Me and 49.3% of players tried to help Luke. - I chose to try to help Luke because I firmly believe that the chances of survival were heightened for him, due to Clementine trying to save Luke instead of Bonnie trying to, for the reason of the ice's possibility of not breaking greatly increasing, therefore providing for Luke a better chance of not falling through. Asked to leave with Mike? Me and 94.1% of players didn't ask to leave with Mike. - I chose to not ask to leave with Mike because I refuse to desire to willingly leave with people who're willing to abandon others for the profit off of the hindrance of said others. Shot Kenny? Me and 30.3% of players didn't shoot Kenny. - I chose to not shoot Kenny because throughout the entire episode, primarily the latter portion, Jane's actions showed me that she was trying to manipulate Clementine's state of mind to a mindset of disapproval towards Kenny, which I disapproved of and in turn it resulted in her untimely demise, unfortunately. P. S. I solemnly declare under oath that I didn't want Kenny or Jane to die, but the argument led to a fight that wasn't going to end in a positive light, irrespective of the choice. In the end, who are you with? Me and 13.5% of players are with Kenny. - I chose to be with Kenny because I firmly believe that Kenny is the best caretaker for Clementine and Alvin, Jr., due to his caring and loving nature for family, especially children, and he considers them to be family from my perspective, something that may not be found in Wellington.
  7. Superlative! Thank you so much!
  8. Thank you! You did an astounding job, exceptional work. Can you create an avatar for me, too?
  9. Thank you, Raj! I wholeheartedly appreciate it.
  10. Yes, I guess that you could say that. Though, it doesn't matter if it's a pop-out signature to be completely honest, I just prefer the style of such a signature when applicable. ESYLD prefers to do avatars/signatures for PlayStationTrophies.org only. She has created a few avatars/signatures for me, but I'm looking for a new artist that can create for me an avatar/signature, and the work that I've witnessed on here is phenomenal. Rajeanero's work reminds me of ESYLD's.
  11. Left Sarah at the trailer park? Me and 47.7% of players saved Sarah at the trailer park. - I saved Sarah at the trailer park because I pinky promised her in Episode 1: All That Remains with the promise of being her friend forever, and as Clementine stated in Episode 4: Around Every Corner of Season One, "We don't leave friends behind.". My morality says that it's better to preserve life than to abandon it, no matter how detrimental the life may be to mine. Robbed Arvo? Me and 47.4% of players refused to steal from Arvo. - I refused to steal from Arvo because theft is morally wrong, regardless of if the person that you stole from lied to you, which is still left to be seen, in regards of if he has a sick sister or not. Crawled through ticket booth? Me and 48.8% of players volunteered to crawl through. - I volunteered to crawl through because I'd rather risk my safety for the sake of others than for others to risk their safety for the sake of me, similar to that of what Lee did for Clementine, he risked his safety for the sake of her. Held the baby? Me and 56.7% of players held the baby. - I held the baby because he is innocent and pure, something that you don't see too much in The Walking Dead universe. The baby is the definition of humanity currently, something of which that I think resonates with Clementine deeply. Shot Rebecca? Me and 57.3% of players did not shoot Rebecca. - I did not shoot Rebecca because her and Clementine bonded a lot to build up a relationship, a relationship that caused Clementine to view Rebecca as a mother figure like to how she viewed Lee as a father figure. With that being said, my actions coincided to my actions of how I dealt with Lee in Season One, I didn't shoot him, and I didn't shoot Rebecca.
  12. Helped Sarah with her chores? Me and 77.1% of players helped Sarah. - I helped Sarah with her chores because as an idealistic person, I try to help any and every body, even if, any and every body aren't desirable candidates to help. I also believe that Carlos smacking Sarah was detrimental to her, which caused her to not be able to function properly, thus meaning that she was in need of help due to the improper functioning resonating within her and exemplifying without her. Told Bonnie about Luke? Me and 51% of players told Bonnie that Luke contacted you. - I told Bonnie that Luke contacted me because it's better to reveal the truth than to conceal it from someone. If you conceal what you know, then what you know will reveal you, therefore if you choose to suppress the truth, the truth will inevitably expose you. Admitted to stealing the walkie talkie? Me and 42.4% of players tried to speak up. - I tried to speak up because I firmly believe that when you do something morally wrong, that you should be upfront and honest by confessing your wrongdoing before whosoever it is that you wronged. Watched Kenny kill Carver? Me and 31.5% of players left with Sarita. - I left with Sarita because I didn't want to demonstrate an animalistic behavior by appeasing an evil nature that enjoys to watch an inhumane action take place, the same behavior that Kenny allowed to overtake him in the moment of choosing to kill Carver. Chopped off Sarita's arm? Me and 16.4% of players killed the zombie that bit Sarita. - I killed the zombie that bit Sarita because the hatchet that Clementine was using is covered in walker's gore, which if it was used to sever her arm, then it would be deemed useless in saving her life, because she would probably be contracting the virus from the walker's gore on the hatchet. I also killed the zombie that bit Sarita because unlike Reggie, he had some kind of medical treatment immediately after his arm was severed, whereas with the group being in and navigating through the middle of a horde of walkers, the chances of procuring medical treatment for her in a timely fashion before she dies of the loss of blood is not likely.
  13. Off-topic: This. The release dates of Episode 1: All That Remains to Episode 4: Amid The Ruins were all released on Wednesday's. The release dates from Episode 2: A House Divided to Episode 4 have had a pattern. The timespan from Episode 2 to Episode 3: In Harm's Way was 2 months and 9 days; the timespan from Episode 3 to Episode 4 was also 2 months and 9 days. So, the more likely release date for Episode 5: No Going Back would be October 1, 2014, seeing as how it's on a Wednesday and 2 months and 10 days (almost 9 days) after the release of Episode 4. Now mind you, this is just a speculation of a release date based on a reoccurring sequence of events, because I could be totally wrong due to the lack of insider knowledge.
  14. Type: Avatar & Signature Render: http://images.christianpost.com/full/58090/mc-jin.jpg Text: I would like to have 2 copies with 2 different texts. I would like 1 copy to have the text to say my username, "Andre16182"; the other copy to have the text to say, "Andre52829". Dimensions: I would like the signature to be 500 by 240. Special Instructions: I would like a pop-out signature with a rounded border. Also, I would like the background's color scheme to consist of the same colors as the render's color scheme.
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