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  1. Quoting you and holding you responsible anyways
  2. You either run into them and hit Y or hit Y after they hit the ropes and run towards you.
  3. I did it on cakewalk just to save some sanity.
  4. I'll feel like a battered wife if I buy WWE '13. I talk shit about how lame WWE '12 was and how they barely improved enough to fathom a $65 price tag but I can't live without a WWE game.
  5. Dan & Faye from Binary Domain Axel, Blaze, and Sammy - Bare Knuckle 3 Shinobi Vectorman 2 diff Sonics Diff choice of vehicles Better multi Co op missions Next game will be a hit
  6. That's too bad, I was just getting around to do the online achievos
  7. Yeh, shoot the arms until Faye makes reference about it.
  8. Just need a video of someone bailing and blowing up now.
  9. I wanted to respond back with something witty but instead I'll leave this.


  10. Surprise mothafucka!


    Ahem...James Doakes, gotta love him. Always hopeful for a return to Dexter =X as a ghost or "dark passenger" hah hah. Hated to see him go after Season Two.

  11. I'd murder someone for a HD X collections or Soccer. Murder.
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