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  1. 4 and 5 are two of my all time favorite games why would you start at 6? o_O
  2. ON 8/24/2013 AT 4:10 AM LIVE wrote: You can read this message on your Xbox 360. Message will expire in 29 days I jut got one of these while checking live.xbox.com (I use that for pretty much everything.) and I understand from this thread it's probably about proofs or something but does anyone know why it says one thing on live.xbox.com and another on the actual system? Is there some reason?
  3. I tried setting some bots to agent and some to dark agent (on my team) and gave them only swords but after a few hundred kills (100 per match) still no melee achievement. Am I doing something wrong? If your team gets a melee kill/headshot/etc does it really count like this guide says or no? Thanks.
  4. Originally Posted by Fand3nsOld3mor GT:Fand3nsOld3mor To everyone sending me messages on live asking for dupes; Please have your game set to INVITE ONLY. (If the game saves while Im dropping items, I'll loose them.) The game won't save while someone is in a menu... Just hit the guide button and quit to dashboard before leaving the in game menu after dropping everything...
  5. So I'm sure this has been asked a million times but with the new update even my "kinda ok and bad ass to most people" legit stuff doesn't even put a dent into most enemies so if anyone wants to help out I'm willing to drop and dash everything I have if you are, might find something you can use who knows... I'll tell you now I don't have any 8 pistols but I do have an original bee before it was nerfed and I'm zero so it'd be nice to have some... I mean this mode is just hard or maybe I just suck but single player, 4 player, it doesn't matter everyone dies over and over and over lol. Maybe we all need to untrain our brains... gt em0rox, this is "x360a" after all so why someone would join with something other than their gamertag I have no idea...
  6. You have to play through the game and take note of which ones are not 5 star. You can either do this one easy and write them all down or just play through again and make sure to get the warps so when you see one you need 5 stars in you can go to it. BTW I'm looking for someone to play with to finish up the 5 stars, I was playing with someone a long time ago but it's been years I don't even remember their gamertag...
  7. looking for someone to get a few 5 stars I'm missing in aces of the galaxy + any other games we both have...
  8. I've played total miner a LOT on 360 since it was the only good vortex sandbox game on 360 for a really long time not to mention I only paid $1 for it (I played minecraft on PC at the same time though but sometimes a nice comfy controller is just so much better...) I only recently got the xbla version so maybe things have changed but I got all the achievements within a few minutes right in the tutorial map. The only ones I didn't get were When Pigs Fly and On A Rail. Every single other achievement I got in the tutorial world in a matter of a few minutes. If you need any help doing this just send em0rox a message on live.xbox.com. I have 100% and I'm currently working on my first seed (survival of course) where I'm making it possible to get every achievement right from my yard lol... I'm also looking for a few people that don't mind casually playing and building a world up with other people. I have the stuff I've done so far and one other person but it'd be nice to have the input of more people to shape the world. All I ask is you be respectful and actually want to be a part of a "community" were people can help if needed but can also do their own stuff. I'm not playing any other games right now and I leave the game on when I'm afg so it's not like you will have to "rely" on me being around to play. I also have a lot of other xbla games if anyone needs help with those. Just compare games at live.xbox .com (click friends then search em0rox) I'll help with any I can.
  9. I just got the xbla minecraft less than a week ago but I've played the xbl ig release Total Miner for 100s of hours and I only paid $1 for it so it was WELL worth it in many ways... It's basically the same game but it has features minecraft doesn't have that I really like. Things like being able to place torches/blocks/etc with LT while still holding your tool and being able to use it with RT (so you don't have to switch back and forth 40,000 times an hour just to place torches and blocks), being able to sell the stuff you make to buy other things, being able to crouch down and mine only one block for long distances (or under things), an on screen "depth map" that shows the blocks around you in different colors so you know what minerals are where (makes it a lot easier to find stuff plus you can see big open areas so you don't mine right into a ceiling and fall to your death), in survival mode you actually have to find "blueprints" for everything before you can craft them (adds a lot more "gameplay" and feeling of accomplishment too. there is an on screen "arrow" that points in the direction of the closest one) plus a lot of other things I can't think of right now. Those features are one of the main reasons I've played Total Miner more than I've played minecraft they add so much to the overall game. Anyway the reason I made this post is because I'm "one of the few" who have no problem going out of my way to help other people get achievements even if it involves loading a game over and over, quitting to dashboard, this or that, whatever... I have never turned down ANYONE asking for help for an achievement. I'm looking for like minded people (two would be ok) to help me build an achievement map. Once again yes I know with the new update on 360 and the tutorial you can get most of the achievements in a matter of minutes but I still want to build a 500m rail. I used a good seed and built my main house on top of a spawn with 3 chests so I have enough saddles and my seed has a shitload of wolves so that won't be a problem either... Basically I'm just trying to make a map where people can get all their achievements. If you want to help that's awesome. If not then honestly why are you even on this site, just to boost your own ego?
  10. I guess you just bought it on sale too? Or are thinking about it? I tried the demo a few days ago and just bought it a few minutes ago. I have not found anyone playing online yet but I don't care if I get 100% or not for 400msp the game is still very fun and worth playing esp. if you are a voltron fan...
  11. Got all the online achievements thanks to everyone who helped. If anyone needs them let me know and if I'm not busy I'll help out.
  12. If you can I'd like it to have the potion's icon and the description. Please send to [email protected] since I might not get it if you post it here. Thanks in advance.
  13. These are the ones I don't have. Swords: Beadle's Cutlass Really Sharp Pair of Sissors Souldrinker The Swing Sword Hammers: Hammer of Wilmageddon Jack's Hammer Scythe's Warhammer Sorrow's Fist The Tenderiser Pistols: Bloodcraver Briar's Blaster Dragonstomper .48 Rifles: Arkwright's Flintlock The Equaliser The Hero's Companion The Sandgoose Skorm's Justice
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