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    well I live in manhattan NYC so I try to keep up with the rat race here
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    L.E.S,Manhattan,NYC I also spend time in Northern Spain and Melbourne Australia
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    Waiter,construction,DJ,Musician(session work),Astronaut,professional Gum Chewer

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  1. I work in 2 Resturants as a waiter,I also do session recording work,DJ at some NYC bars,and extra work as a waiter at last minute.(that's Manhattan life!) But I'm going to work full time for the NYC dept of Sanitation soon so I'm gonna shit can the watering jobs My wife is a manager at "Happy Endings"( make your jokes but TS not what ya think its a very successful club) bar tends at 2 other places,also DJs and like me plays in a band (but that's not a job it more of fun)
  2. I'm still waiting for a good Terminator game (waits)
  3. Ya know I'm glad someone other than myself mentioned this game the only thing that helped it was the ya got 80 MS each level than if you played it on hard first time 3 achievments popped up at once Chapter 9 For the Resistance (last level) 80 points Seasoned commander (complete game) 100 points Veteran Commander (complete game on hard) 180 points So 360 points in one shot just love hearing those pop
  4. If you live in manhattan,NYC it's got tons but check out "8 bit" on St Marks place in the heart of the east village it's got any console in the past Cept for the Neo Geo once it comes in someone walkways snags it..thedreadlocked guy on staff will get you what ya want he is good like that just don't touch anything behind the sliding glass door he goes nuts slamming shit on the counter making everyone jump and shit Oddly I knew a guy who worked in certain warehouse in Brooklyn that housed electronics from closed down stores and when ...I believe the name of the chain was something like Kaybee toys went out of biz it had tons of mint packaged of old consoles at the mind 90s.he spilled out some consoles but what became of the was either recycled or just destroyed and recycled of course is good but to just destroy them....shit,too bad they were said to be sitting on a gold mine So if anyone want to rob any Brooklyn warehouse that house electronics pleas let me know......Naa just fuckin with ays
  5. Call me crazy (which I am to pay for 1800 a month for a apt the size of a closet in Manhattan or maybe I'm stupid) but I just can't get into L4D and L4D2 I just couldn't get hard for those games
  6. Arrrrgh! I can't pick these are my 2 fav zombie games to the realism of dead island (character gets tired,no use of gun until late in the game,chopping of limbs,etc) and than the over the top Dead Rising 2 killing zombies with anything around,with fun missions,timer,and just so laughable over the top.... But to pick one? Eeeyaaa Fuck it ill go with... Dead Island And to quote bugs bunny on this "ill eat it but Won't like it!"
  7. Oh stop with the Alien CM bein the worst game crap,Christ!
  8. More Aussies killer my wife is from Australia but lives with me in Manhattan,NYC she just obtained dual citizenship as I am gettin a Australian one,but I always show her other Aussies on this site she gets a kick out of it


    I can't wait to get back to the Gold Coast very easy goin love the peeps a world different from the madness of NYC lunatics


    Keep on rockin

  9. Not a problem she plays sometimes but more for Netflix all that,when I'm playin and yell she chucks her boot or heels at me at 4am but than again there's always people yelling in our apt building NYers are loud haha
  10. Seriously though "Alone in the Dark" wtf that's like and ordinary day for me living in Manhattan,NYC crazy museums,lunatics demons in Central Park,etc hehehe
  11. "Alone In The Dark" "Terminator Salvation" (although easy achievments 80 MS for each level and if you played the hardest first time out 3 achievments pop "for the resistance" 80 than "Seasoned Commander" 100 and "veteran commander 180MS all at once I liked that) "Earth Defense Force IA" oddly though boring and bad but I find myself playing it once in a blue moon
  12. So you have crossed over to the dark side! Haha yeah I ditched my PS3 too in late 2010 early 2011 everyone told me Xbox was better and they were right and all my friends,co workers,etc use it Welcome to the scene bro keep on rockin
  13. I can't remember shit but than again I don't remember what I had for lunch and due to this metal plate in my head if I stand to close to a microwave I piss myself passout for 15mins and forget who I am for like an hour Now this is bothering me I'm gonna have go back and check my best Guess would be GTA IV the "off the boat" I think it's called for like 5 Points
  14. Oh and "NARC" not the PS2 crap game I'm talking about the arcade version where ya bust hookers,dodge addicts throwin needles filled with smack at ya,running over guys on freeways and watching their bodies explode like that guy in "Robocop" when he got dosed with toxic waste "Help meeee" "Ahhh get away from me man!!!!" Haha
  15. "Starflight" for the Sega genesis console although the first mass effect had some of its elements but still stuck to the shooter stuff,I'd like to see Starflight refitted and done up Xbox style.just loved roaming this huge universes meeting friendly or hostile forming alliances,logging planets for colonies,landing on some planets to find acient life died long ago,and of course nice battles.I would add more ships to aid you or come to your rescue kinda like in "Star Trek Legacy"
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