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  1. You don't have to be in a cab for it. I drive around all the time in Franklin's default car and get this annoying call all the time. It's 100% random I guess some people are more lucky with it than others.
  2. I just downloaded Halo 3 since it is free this month, haven't played it in a few years. I went to my appearance to check my armor and I have Recon on it now, I never did all the achievements to get it on this profile, so I was wondering if everyone just gets it now?
  3. I'm looking to boost any of the Diner achievements. Or any other zombie achievements. Add me if you're interested Gamertag = Im oNly 11 NErd
  4. I know you don't have to do them on veteran for any of the achievements, but I'm wondering how hard it is to get 10k in the mission if I lower my difficulty. I haven't been playing the campaign much so I just got to my first Strike Force mission, and I just can't do it, I'm usually good at stuff like that but when I can't make more units, and they are outnumbering you so much and you get reinforcements at the games convenience and not your own it's just too annoying
  5. I refuse to play another Halo game especially now that it's pretty obvious Cortana wouldn't be in it. I've been playing Halo since Combat Evolved, it's sad to see her go like that, yeah I get it was essential killing The Didact and everything. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person who has gotten so attached to the characters that I'll refuse to play if it's missing her.
  6. I just got this game, I like it but I have one problem. I'm doing some of the command training and I get up to the moves that have the + in them.... I can't figure out what the plus means. I've tried pausing , I've tried just doing it normal. If anyone could tell me I'd be grateful. Here's an example >PPP+K
  7. No offense, but you're an absolute retard if you aren't expecting a "Seriously" achievement, and it's even worse if you won't play the game because of it. Every Gears game has had an achievement like that, you think they're going to stop just because a few people complain?
  8. Not only is it completely unrealistic that mods won't happen in games in general, but especially BORDERLANDS. The reason people modded it so quickly is because of how simple the games coding is. This one doesn't look much different, you're going to be disappointed within a week of release if you're not expecting people to acquire mods.
  9. So, I've beaten the game with Trish on Dante's disc, and Lucia's disc. I only started from the last mission, I'm guessing you have to play through every level again? Stupid question, I know I just want to make sure before I go through the whole game again.
  10. Anyone who thinks that it doesn't have any issues go play SH3 and unlock any achievement for beating a boss under a certain time. The game lags for the whole dying scene of any boss if you get an achievement.
  11. Idk wanted to challenge myself a bit I guess . I know when I go through on apocalyptic I'm definitely using the gun though lol
  12. I need it if you guys are still doing this GT: SephirothKM
  13. It's probably cause I only used my scythes and secondary haha
  14. The most troubles I had throughout this game was earth, they did a ton of damage, but I had weapons that restore health. And before you get to Samael when you are going through time, the alternate time enemies got tough at times.
  15. That's the way I look at it anyway. I didn't mind it because of that line of thinking. And yes the Samael fight was epic. I love Samael. He's definitely one of my favorite characters in the Darksiders series. Yeah, I was looking forward to Samael the whole game. Just wondering when I'd get to him. I remember the Fable 2 fight as well, I understood it though. I had a few friends who were complaining about it, and then went on to say the game was shitty because of it. But I like to let everyone have their own opinion
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