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  1. is anyone else having quests or mainly side quests that you will complete and then the text saying you need to do it still, wont disappear? for instance i bought a house in riften and then it says talk to the jarl...to become the thane of riften...but everytinme i talk to her; there is no new speech option to advance the quest
  2. you also need a powerful fortify smithing potion
  3. well is it? or is it like every other movie type game that sucks? I know i could probably get it for vheap used but is it worth just a rental? or does it have pick up and play value? replay value? how easy are the achievements?
  4. i tried the demo and i was not too impressed with the realism of the golf game. it didnt really matter how hard i swung nor the plane on which i swang to hit the ball relatively well everytime. does anyone know of a golf game that is for the kinect that is very realistic?
  5. Anyone else had a problem with quitters? I had a top 15 score one time and just before the game ended someone quit! I wish the developers would make a multitude of leaderboards so that way people wont quit whenever they someone getting a high score or even the possibility of a high score
  6. I feel like I have played with you before in something. I recognize your gamertag
  7. very odd indeed. i never have had mysterious ones pop up...just ones that were earned that never popped up
  8. my gamertag is whobob. i have a pretty full friends list, but i am constantly deleting people who dont seem to get on anymore. so hit me up with the game ya wanna play and i will try to accomodate. I could really use a solid partner in resident evil 5...i only need to beat the game on its hardest diff. and i am about chap 2-3 in...its been awhile since i have played that one but it would be nice since im sure a new one will be surely around the corner.
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