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  1. I completed the game and never actually used it. Now im replaying the first mission to save the other character, and i cant remember how i go prone to shoot the guy under the door? I remember it was 2 buttons i needed to use. but google is coming up short, and the manual on the game (the snap windows on X1) doesnt tells me every control except that. Anyone help??
  2. OK, Im not exactly sure what the thing is I need to buy is called. I have an ethernet cable to connecting parts of my house. However I have some devices that operate only on wifi, and my router isnt strong enough to broadcast the distance i need - but I do have an ethernet port nearby. Whats the best solution to this? I know the powerline adapters don't work too well in my house - i tried them and get an awful connection. is there a device that connects to the wifi and re-broadcasts it (I thought this was a wifi repeater but they all seem to be powerline based). Or is there something that I can plug an ethernet cable into and create a new hotspot? I found hotstop generators on amazon but they seem to be mobile based - creating a wifi hotspot from 4G connections.
  3. Hey guys. Slightly different request, can someone do me the Xbox 360 logo (ie the same as the controller jewel) but where all the background is transparent? I want it so there's just the grey circle and the X. Thanks guys
  4. It's probably too early to be really worried. Graphics stuff doesn't really bother me, it's the poor uptake. Sony have sold 7m, vs Microsoft shipping 5m. Obviously we don't have true comparisons... X1 isn't in as many countries, etc but what concerns me is a repeat of last generation with the ps3. The 360 was far more popular and so devs focused their efforts there, and the ps3 got some very shaky ports at times. If Microsoft don't do something to improve uptake, we could see something similar with the x1... Of course Microsoft are improving things, and historically we have seen Microsoft are much more willing to revise approaches than Sony (for example the ps3 interface didn't really change throughout its life). Microsoft are definitely on the back foot at the moment but E3 is their chance to make up some of the difference. I wouldn't worry yet.
  5. Interesting how they didn't add the achievement. Especially how ms were touting how it was easier for devs to do this on the x1. I wonder if it was just an attempt to bulk out content after the complaints regarding the length. Shame since, at the core, it's a good game. Roll on phantom pain!!
  6. Yeah I went physical because it was cheaper to order it on amazon by about 5 quid... Not a lot of money but it seems pretty ridiculous for it to be cheaper to get a copy shipped to me rather than just downloading it. Awesome game though.
  7. I know its been 10 days since the request, but:


  8. FYI, for getting the "unlocked" achievement, I found you don't need to do the "mark everyone" step on hard. I first played once on Normal on each mission, getting whatever achievments I could. Then did some achievement hunting (including getting S Ranks). Then played Normal again and did the marking step. Then I played Hard once, then played Hard again... and I found just the act of replaying hard the second time unlocked the remaining trails. I don't know that it will work for everyone - but might save you some time replaying hard and hunting everyone down. Thanks for all the tips - helped enormously.
  9. I think the best endings are the games you end up emotionally invested in. Walking Dead Final Fantasy X Silent Hill 2 Metal Gear Solid (especially 1, 3 and 4) Halo 4 (the Cortana scene) Red Dead Redemption Mass Effect 3**** big asterisk here. The whole game was really an ending - and the way those stories resolved was great. The actual final resolution was rubbish though.
  10. The ones that seem to have the most promise right now seem to be either watch dogs or shadows or mordor. Both of those have me more excited than I have been in a while about a new release as they seem to have some innovation, and not just another Sequel. Do really wanna play Phantom Pain, Witcher 3 and The Division but they are all a long way off.
  11. tpb

    Scary games

    Alan wake was great. Definitely recommend that. Also hear good things about metro series, although it's apparently coming to x1 so, if that interests you you might want to wait? Unfortunately the survival horror genre seems to have fallen out of grace in the 360/ps3 gen. Everyone is looking to appeal to a broader audience and so destroys their core one. All I can think to recommend is older games on the older consoles if that would interest you? Something like Silent Hill 2/3 or Resident Evil built a genuine atmosphere of tension. To the point that I was going around silent hill hoping that every time I came to a door it would be locked so I didn't have to go in there. Lol. They did a HD recollection on the 360 but from everything I read it was massively broken and they never fixed it. Might be better off going after the ps2 version if you still have one working. Or maybe it's on the ps3 old games section?
  12. There are a lot of games with fantastic soundtracks. Mass Effect, Halo, Devil May Cry, Silent Hill... I think my favourite would be a toss up between Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy X.
  13. Hey, Im also looking for a new sig. Could someone extract the bottom part of the MGS Legacy poster: http://31.media.tumblr.com/75bc6f6d6ff53bb69561beca84d4a2fa/tumblr_mponcuvb6t1rwitpzo1_1280.jpg and remove the text? Also put my gamertag and PSN accounts on the left and right respectively? (Gamertag: StalwartSnake, PSN: HeroicSnake)
  14. I stated this a while ago and was planning to come back to it.... Is the save stuff broken for everyone? Or is it just if you loaded the game on April 1st? I haven't played it for a few weeks so hoping that I dodged this one?
  15. Was hoping someone on here could help me out with an avatar. The general gist of what i want is something around the DMC symbol: http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130414214250/devilmaycry/images/c/c4/Mission_01_02_DmC.png Black background, white symbol... however i wanted it customised a little bit. Honestly like the style of the symbol but would like it themed around Snake from MGS. Possibly changing the symbol from just a circle to an oroboros or something liek that? or some kinda shield with a snake symbol on it? Am happy for you to use some artistic license and come up with something you think looks good.
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