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  1. This is wrong 2 of the online achievements still work worth 40G so the max is 960.
  2. If you have this edition you get Shauns board once you hit 1 million respect points by going to VIP chalet in Target mountain. This board is the same board Shaun uses in the challenge. You cannot get this board before the Shaun challenge without the target edition.
  3. I did also run into the 0G not unlocking. The fix was to go into the config menu, change something, save it, then back out.
  4. Picture from TA with the point: This one got me Tip 54. Make sure to go to that exact point of the flowchart. Theres different sections where it will say 9-3 but those are the wrong ones. This is the correct one.
  5. Are you really, really, really, ridiculously good looking? [Link] :francis:

  6. Its on sale now for $9.99. No idea how long, but this is the first time it has been on sale since 2012 and the only the second time ever so may be the last time ever. Edit: Might be a permanent price drop, but I wouldn't take any chances if you were holding out.
  7. Hi Anthony!


    I'd like to take a moment to show you what's available during this month's [Community Gaming]


    Game of the Month: Multiplayer Mayhem!

    Game of the Week Jan 2-8: Dead Rising Series

    Game of the Week Jan 9-15: If you were a game developer...

    Game of the Week Jan 16-22: Killer Instinct

    Game of the Week Jan 23-29: Rayman


    Participating in single player or multiplayer events puts you into the monthly draw to win a $50 Microsoft Gift Card :D

  8. Hi Anthony! We've got some exciting changes to Community Gaming starting on December 1. We're giving members a chance to win a $50 US Microsoft Gift Voucher each month! I'll leave a link to the announcement thread for you to check out or post any questions in that you may have. I look forward to seeing your entries! ~Dirty :slick:


    [Changes to Community Gaming Thread]

  9. November Greetings, Anthony!


    [GSL 15] is launching soon and we'd love to see you on board! You'll find the participation requirements, sign up and general discussion thread links in the first post of the [Announcement Thread]. If you're looking for teammates, you can post [here] and if need be, request a team signature [here].


    Score tracking will be provided for you and your team. All you have to do is meet participation requirements, play your favourite games and have fun! It couldn't be easier! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


    ~Dirty :slick:

  10. Ok the long awaited update is posted and live
  11. The forum suggesting method would stay. I just think it would be useful to give a couple of the people who have the time access to the spreadsheet. Then it would get done faster.
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