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  1. May want to update the glitched achievements as I have not been able to unlock Through the Bowels of Time. Played the last section to try an unlock it multiple times without any luck, I have seen some people on PC have also had this problem.
  2. Try using this, haven't done it myself but is working for some. Hey, Guacamelee developer here. Really sorry that you experienced this issue. We have a theoretical workaround that you can try using to unlock Goat Fly without having to completely restart the game: If you make your way to the El Infierno level, and complete Challenge #8, it should hopefully unlock Goat Fly for you. We're hoping that this will unlock the power for you, and allow you to complete the game!
  3. I have completed the 3 tracks for the Unyielding III achievement and it has not unlocked. Is this the case for anybody else? I have re-downloaded my profile and the game but still no luck.
  4. http://i1093.photobucket.com/albums/i436/athersmith1/Fifa13bannercopy.png Here it is this years trading thread. With EA confirming that the web app will start tomorrow (18th Sept) I thought I would post this up now, I am sure most people will get unwanted players in their starter packs and free gold packs if you are a returning Ultimate team player, so get trading those unwanted players and make your ULTIMATE TEAM. (Note: Over the last few years this thread has been up I have noticed that on various occasions some people have posted multiple posts in a very short space of time, and while I am not a moderator and can't stop this from happening, please think of the other users who also want to show what they have to sell and trade. Thank you)
  5. Need help with Strength of Our Alliance achievement,if anyone else still needs this, then I will be willing to help, just send me a message. GT: Enraged Hollow
  6. Want to boost Kingpin, we should have at least 4 people and will be doing it on Sunday at 10pm GMT, please contact either me (Enraged Hollow) or my mate (Lord Warsaw) if interested. Thanks
  7. Want to boost Kingpin, we should have at least 4 people and will be doing it on Sunday at 10pm GMT, please contact either me (Enraged Hollow) or my mate (Lord Warsaw) if interested. Thanks
  8. Looking for people to get all online acheivements except for getting to wave 10. Im online now so message me if you want to do this. Thanks Update: Just realised that the site hasnt updated my gamercard with my new Gamertag: so if you have tried to contact me then sorry for the mix up. My new gamertag is Enraged Hollow
  9. Looking to get Zeta Team, Go! Im on Xbox right now so message me if anybody needs another person. Cheers
  10. Looking to get the two hosting achievements and the like a boss one, so if anyone needs a spare man Im online now and ready to help. Edit: I now have these thanks to the guys that helped me.
  11. Played four games of UT and have been kicked off EA Servers 3 times, Im one of these people who like to have a good record on these types of things so 1 win and 3 losses looks shit, so thanks a bunch EA.
  12. I ordered with GAME (EPIC Edition). i didnt recieve it on the 13th like it says here and still waiting so tomorrow it is, which is fine by me. Service: Express 24 Status: In progress Last tracked at: National Hub Expected delivery date: 13-09-2011
  13. Awesome guide Pants, will definitely be using it when I get the game on Friday.
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