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  1. Just got this last night. Forehand is definitely the most frustrating and I wasn't coming close until all of a sudden I beat it just fine. I dont know what the parameters are but hitting it in the yellow seemed like it would always cost me time so avoid that. I would just hit flat shots (just hitting A) and slightly aim it where the shot needed to be, hitting either Y or B seemed like a waste of effort and they would sometimes be deducted for some reason. Good luck!
  2. Are there any missable achievements? Going through the list it doesn't seem so but you never know.
  3. Nice! I'm happy for you man. I'm in the last quest now so not much time lost. Really flew by a second time.
  4. I changed the difficulty a little before mephestos cause I figured I was getting to the end. No closure as far as the "right when you pick up control vs when the game prompts you" thing.
  5. Just beat the game and no achievement lol. You were right. Guess I have another 16 or so hours in me lol
  6. My plan of attack was to up the difficulty during the final fight, there is no checkbox or anything in this game saying I've invalidated the achievement and it seems they worked hard to make sure none of the other achievements are missable unlike last game. I know we are all guessing here but I think it'll be fine.
  7. http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=673824 Definitely worth a read.
  8. Does it say "done, unlocking...."? If so its on the xbox side of things. I got this achievement no problem, I don't believe it to be glitched.
  9. You damn well know the poster meant in a negative light. Get outta here with this.
  10. I think I read somewhere here someone was working on one. I would think one will drop within the next week or two.
  11. Glitched isn't the word you are looking for. Any sequence that shows a % you need to complete, plan and simple. You need 100% upon everything.
  12. Den defense never even occurred to me besides the first story mission both times I beat the game. Just never stay high profile and always keep 100f on hand. If you get too close to becoming notorious pay off a herald, if you have no money then steal your 100f back from the herald. If by through the story you become notorious after a mission take a minute and become stealth again. Gain all dens as soon as possible (which you should be doing anyways to get the best armor as fast as possible) to clear the possibility of another defense. You should be done with den defense by I think the end of sequence 3, maybe its 4. Whenever the story one is where the assassin comes back to you from his mission. The story missions with don't get detected are like a puzzle figuring out when and where all the enemies are, they really aren't that trying compared to 100% in brotherhood with those war machine missions. This is a good game and ties Ezios story up really well, I would recommend not throwing in the towel. I just 3000/3000 this tonight and it was quite the feeling.
  13. Check out the achievement guide thread. You are probably bugged. Specifically post 86
  14. I had to replay the Suvia tourney like 8 times before it gave me gold even though I beat all rounds correctly. I think there is a bug here. I wouldn't worry about it and just continue with the game and come back whenever possible. At least it isn't game breaking.
  15. Achievements not popping are typically on the xbox side of things, especially in situations like this where you haven't seen anyone else have the problem. Just keep playing and it will probably pop some random time.
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