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  1. hi my name is mafiaIIcl can you help me get the team 2k achievment on mlb 2k9
  2. boykidblue


    Hey guys just dropped in to say hi my name is mafiaIIcl on live so friend me
  3. i made one but how do you set it as your gamer card?
  4. I probably have thirty games hers a few: mlb 2k9 mlb 2k10 mlb 2k11 nba 2k10 call of duty black ops mw2 cod4 cod3 madden 08 madden 10 2 controllers
  5. psviva all the way that new system looks sweet man
  6. boykidblue

    Fun Games

    I heard that gun game and fruit ninjas are fun
  7. boykidblue

    Fun Games

    Hi I just got Kinect and I would like to know if there is any fun games I should get?
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